Another Trip to N.O.L.A.

Another Trip to N.O.L.A.

As pretty much everyone who reads this blog knows, I am originally from New Orleans, LA. I’ve lived there for the best time of my life (as a young child), and also the awkward stages of my life (7th and 8th grade). Most of my family is down there, so it’s common to visit them for holidays and special occasions. This time we went to celebrate my cousin Megan’s engagement at her party, and we really had a blast (from the past).

I’m going to begin this post from start to finish the way it happened to me, trying not to leave out any details. First, it all started with the long drive. Puppa certainly had a fun ride all of the way there.

Having our puppy join us was really fun this visit to New Orleans. It was good for her to get out of the house and good for us for her to be around. She behaved really well in the car. She didn’t bark at the other cars, slobber, or anything like that. She isn’t really polite when she wants to look out the window though. My brother and I kind of had to hold her so she wouldn’t climb all over our twin while they were sleeping. My brother captured this adorable picture of her after we stopped at a rest stop for her to run around some.

I documented most of my trip on Instagram stories. If you follow me already, you’ve probably seen most of these pictures. If you don’t, my username is @Emmakaty_.

The city is just absolutely stunning. I always have this weird feeling of being home, while also being a complete stranger whenever we visit New Orleans. It’s brings me nostalgia, but I also get so excited to see new things.

The first day we arrived was Thursday. It was really chill, and we mainly spent time winding down from our drive there as well as catching up with our family. And then the next day, my mom and I helped sent up for the party. The party took place on the roof of the Four Winds luxury apartment building, where I took the insane video above.

“Megan and Jeffery, November 11, 2017”

“Pop the champagne, she’s changing her last name!”

Aren’t these just the cutest souvenir cups you’ve ever seen?! I got this little sneak peek of some of the adorable party favors we’d get to take home. The party was a Great Gatsby theme, so everything was luxurious, beautiful, and had little sparkles of gold.

After we sent up for a little while, we left the building, walked right down the street, and had some sushi. We went to this place called Viet Orleans Bistro. I had their Crunchy roll and Spicy Crawfish roll. It was so good, I actually got seconds. It was definitely a fun experience.

After dinner, Megan led us to the Nopsi Hotel right across the street where she dreams of having her reception for her wedding in the future. Y’all know I’m always on the lookout for a perfect photo opp for y’all. Down below is my outfit of the day.

Top: H&M

Jeans: Forever 21

Boots: JCPenny

Then, we went back to the ballroom and top floor to finish up some details before going home for the evening. My aunt’s boss was so kind and generous, he let us borrow one of his condos for the weekend we were there. It was quite the luxury to have the opportunity to stay right in the middle of downtown New Orleans. I felt like a big city girl, if only for a few nights.

The next day we were up and at it again. It was Party Day after all.

Breakfast of travelers. I don’t know how I feel about the yogurt, but I definitely loved these bagels. And having a view of the city first thing in the morning was nothing short of amazing. I ate my breakfast and watched the cars mozy through the streets below. I felt like I was in some sort of movie or music video.

Before the party, my dad, brother, and I did a little walking around the city so I decided it was the perfect time to wear these jeans. I mean, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being normal and 10 being weird, in New Orleans these jeans roughly score about a 3. That didn’t stop my dad from giving me a hard time calling me “Half and Half” every time he saw me. I can’t say I totally hated it. That is probably one of my favorite things of visiting the city. I get to wear my crazy fashion sense without too j=many judgemental looks. It’s a nice break in the chain of small town East Texas life.

We walked around the block, grabbed some chicken, and when we got back, we honestly took a nap. This outfit was ideal for an early evening nap. But soon, around 4:30 or 5:00, it was time to get ready for the party!

I absolutely LOVED this theme! My mom and I found the cutest dresses online, and my whole family really went all out. We looked like we stepped right out of a 20’s gangster film.

 My dress was from Amazon. My Mary Janes are from JCPenny. The pearls, stockings, and cigarette holder were from Spirit. The headpiece and shawl was ordered off Amazon as well. My mom and I looked straight out of the movie, and my dad and brother looked as if they were headed to a speakeasy. We ate and talked the night away, reuniting with family and bonding with each other. Unfortunately, the night had to eventually come to an end. It was one we will never forget.

The next day, we decided to do a little shopping, but of course not without coffee first. We went to the World Market, which I always love stopping in, and Fleurty Girl, where I got the cutest little piece of home to keep with me.

Now, I always have a little reminder of where I grew up and a great souvenir from this trip. It was sad to leave again, but we finished up the weekend with a little Stranger Things marathon (review on the way???) and a horrible night’s rest before we were back on the road again.

Thanks everybody for your patience on this post. As you can see, there were a lot of things in include and nothing that I wanted to leave out. I will write more explaining my absence in the next few days, but for now it is time to rest. Congratulations again Megan and Jeff. You two are some amazing people. I love y’all always.

See you soon,

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