Dark Lippies 

Autumn’s here and that means dark lips, thigh high socks, and lots of attitude. This is my first year venturing down the dark lip path because I personally prefer nude shades, but honestly this dark lip makes me feel so edgy. 

The one featured in the picture above is called Ricco by Stila. It’s a liquid matte lip and can be a little difficult to put on. Here’s a video of me demonstrating the pigments in this beautiful color because it is UNREAL: 

(My teeth are crooked for real but I embrace my quirks, thanks very much) 

For this shade in particular, I really think gold is a good pop of color, but I would keep the rest of your makeup light when wearing dark lips, as to not have too much drama going. But hey, if you like drama then definitely go for it. Just not my thing. Dark colors like these would look so cool matched with a cute dress or curly hair. You could have all kinds of vibes going on. Sweet and sour, like a sour patch kid. 

This lipstick can be found at Sephora, where I got mine. I’m hopefully going to make another stop there soon, so I’ll try to pick up some more epic colors. Fall is a great time to try new things, so if you’re a little insecure about trying these out, don’t be! People won’t know you don’t rock them on the daily, they’ll just be like “hey, who’s that super awesome girl with the epic lipstick I wish I had?” 

Coming this Monday, as promised: 

This look, it’s inspiration, and how to get it yourself. 

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