Lazy Day Lux


Everybody has their lazy days. Everyone has the times where makeup is just not practical, all your good clothes are in the washer, and you wanna feel like you’re wearing pajamas all day. I struggled with this during my last semester of high school, but I didn’t figure out a trick to looking cute while staying unbelievably comfy at the same time.

The trick is over sized T-shirts and loose pants. I am OBSESSED with t-shirts, but I’ve made it a hobby of mine to collect T-shirts from every coffee shop I visit. A nice over sized t-shirt and baggy pair of pants is the perfect outfit for Mondays. I personally love dressing up, but wearing a simple silhouette with a cute pair of heels, a stand out belt, or a cute hat really amps up your confidence.


For this outfit, I photographed this in New Orleans. The t-shirt I’m wearing is from a coffee shop that is popular up there. It’s called PJ’s coffee. I love these type of shirts because the little design on the chest is so appealing, and I loved the bold color. I paired this shirt with my destroyed mom jeans, that I feature regularly on this blog.


I tucked in my top so the high waisted design of the pants would show, and I do this a lot with my over sized looks because I like the way it makes my waist look. I also wore my purple leather midi heeled boots that I’m in love with. These boots add an extra pop of color to a very simple look.


I hope y’all find this helpful. Don’t be discouraged about not putting together stellar outfits all the time. It happens to all of us. For me personally, I begin to feel down when I lack in coordinating outfits. But these are the perfect opportunities to show off new shoes or other accessories. Thank you all so much for reading.

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