Art Over Brand 

Last Friday I posted about shopping in locally to help support the town you love and live in. However this week I want to talk about something equally important and perhaps a little more creative. 

Some of you may have heard of a company called Society6. For those of you who have not, its an online website where users can upload their artwork and customers can buy those artworks on a variety of different canvases. For example, they have shirts, tapestries, bags, and even phone cases are available on the site. I absolutely love the idea behind this site. I love to create art and knowing that there is a platform for artists to sell their work is amazing. 

I bought a phone case from the site a few months ago. Opening the package, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. I also love how they offer phone cases for many different types of phones. My current one I have is below and is so beautiful. The artist’s name on the site is Henn Kim. She has some really nice designs. You can find her on Instagram to look at more of her work at: henn_kim 

These days it’s hard to find cute phones for anything other than the latest IPhone. I’m about to order another one tonight. It looks like this. 

Look at that beautiful design. I absolutely love it and am excited to start a collection. It may look pretty expensive, but you have to consider that these phone cases are unique, good quality, and supporting an artist. I’m looking forward to buying some shirts and decorating my apartment with these items when the time comes. 

I appreciate the fact that this website benefits independent artists and not huge corporations. You can sign up to the site if you’re interested in selling some art or you can buy art if you’re an art freak, or do both! I’m hoping to upload some designs of my own sometime. I will definitely let y’all know if that happens. 

I feel like this site is essential to any art lover and the ultimate styling option. No one else will have the phone case or shirt you have, and I find that as a huge plus. 

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