College Savings Can Exist

We are all aware of the broke college student stereotype. But I have a few tips to help you out with that. First, let’s take a look at where our money goes.

  1. Books/Classes
  2. Coffee
  3. Food
  4. Gas
  5. Social interactions

Books: Obviously books and classes are a given if you’re in school. You have to huy those things. But there are a lot of sites you could go to in order to get those things cheaper. I always check Chegg to buy textbooks, and there’s also the option of renting your books. There are a lot of different sources to get your books from, so be weary of your college bookstores.

Coffee: oh the addiction of coffee. It never ends. But what if I told you there was still a way to get your coffee fix without breaking the bank. My most favorite option- coldbrew. If you like cold drinks like me, coldbrew is like water sent from above. You can order coldbrew with some flavoring, along with some milk of your choice and it’s usually a few bucks cheaper than an iced latte. Or an iced Americano prepared the way you like. You could do the same thing with an original Americano, for those of you who like hot drinks and the taste of espresso. But if you find drinks are still too expensive, there is hope. You could also get some energy by getting some dark chocolate covered espresso beans. This is a good option because you could keep these with you throughout the day.

Food: I am guilty of buying convenient food, as I’m sure the majority of us are. We are never quite sure where we are going to end up, so its easier to just get things to eat along the way. I’ve started to think ahead, and buy canned foods, or cereals, things that are much cheaper and slightly healthier than fast-food. This way I don’t end up mindlessly buying foods, and I can keep track of where my money is going.

Gas: Gas is one those things that it just needs to be done. I go to school on campus 4 days a week, and work about 5 days a week. My gas tank is thirsty on the daily. So I’ve been saving small bills and coins, or filling up my gas tank instead of putting in 5 dollars one day, and ten dollars the next. Also, it helps to get all of your errands done at one time. So if your last class ends at 12:30. but you don’t work until 2:00, instead of driving all the way home, you could figure out a way to stay close to work, to save gas.

Social Interactions: I think the hardest thing to maintain during school is a social life. I spend most of my free time with my boyfriend, and try to make time with my friends. But we are all getting to the point where we don’t want to just go out dinner. So we’ve started staying home. My boyfriend and I rent movies from the RedBox, we also play card games, or dominoes, and my friends and I actually get together to watch Netflix or even do laundry together. Trust me, you don’t need much to have a good time. My advice is to find cheap ways to have a good time, whether its board games, movies, or other small activities. This will save money, and you’ll be surprised at how much fun free things can be.


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