Ya Gotta Have Faith! Faith! Faith! 

Today, I was going to post something about school, and have pictures, and was excited to do something new. But, I got the urge to talk to y’all a little about God, and now I’m much more excited. If talking about the big guy upstairs makes you uncomfortable, unfortunately this blog post isn’t for you. Come back next week, because I have awesome things coming. However, I’d hate to offend anyone. 


I love talking about God. So I just want to take a minute to say without Him, there is absolutely no way I could where I am today. After many days of praying and following his influence, I have a fantastic job, a better attitude, on my way to improve other aspects of my life, and am met with the opportunity to better myself and others everyday. 

Lately, the devil has been trying me y’all. He’s worked his way into my ears, discouraging me from doing the things I love. I almost deleted this whole blog! How awful is that? I would’ve been devastated. The devil has been eating away at my heart, making me take things out of line, out of context, and out on myself. 

Usually, when I get like this I know what is happening right away. Everyone has their weaknesses, and I’ve been tested a hundred times. But no matter how far away from God I get, He always tries for me. He is this whisper in the back of my mind, pulling me back into who I really am, not who the devil wants me to be. 

God has been making a huge presence in my boyfriend life, as well as my own. It feels like we’ve both been through the ringer more than once these past few months. But these trials have brought us closer together, and closer to the dreams we’ve always wanted to accomplish. Whenever we feel like something may be impossible, we remind each other that God is looking out for us, we hold hands and pray together, and we are never let down. 

My boyfriend and I are pretty set in buying new cars this week. We are prepared to start college together this semester, (my second, his first year). We are happier than ever before. We’ve learned so much and have tried so hard, God is rewarding us for staying faithful throughout the awful times. 

I just wanted to take some time to give glory to Him. I’m positive that without His guidance and forgiveness, I would be in a much different place. 

With school starting, I have been extra stressed out. It seems like more and more, things were piling up on us. But now, little by little, all those things are falling away. We’re more understanding, softer in our words, and more hopeful in our actions. 

I just wanted to share the amazing things that have been happening in my life thanks to Him. It’s really been a total 180 turn around. 

So I’m just here to say that if you’re worrying, or stressed, or have been having some trouble, it pays off to talk to God a little. Even when it feels like He’s left you in the dark, He’s still there waiting for you to come out of it like a champ (with His help if course). 

Thanks for reading!! I love y’all. 


Emma Katy 

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