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As I briefly mentioned in last Friday’s post, I have started a Depop shop online. Basically, over the last few months I’ve been taking clothes and redesigning them in my own ways. Today I wanted to go more into detail about the clothes I’ve been working on, and share then with you all.

  •  You had me at coffee. 

This was originally a full length tank top. I was going to turn the graphic design on the front into a patch, but once I cut the bottom half off, I had the urge to stop. It was just so cute left like this. It also has this adorable lace back. I actually didn’t appreciate this lace detailing until I cropped it. I love it now.

  • Rainbow sleeves 

This top threw me for loop. It was originally just the hounds tooth design. I knew something needed to be done, but it took me forever to figure out what. But the rainbow fabric was calling my name. And I repeatedly asked the fashion Gods, “what?? What is it you want me to do?” After a while of deliberating, this idea popped in my head. Somehow, it just works together so well. Definitely a surprise I’m proud of. And for those of you wondering, this was actually really hard to put together. Okay? Okay. 

  • Rainbow Kitty 


This was once my brother’s shirts, so shoutout to him. I cropped this shirt awhile ago, and wanted to pass it on. SO COMFORTABLE. And if you’ve never listened to OFWGKTA, you’re lying. At least I hope you’re lying. So yeah, this is the third one. 

  • Hand Drawn Lovelies 

Can I just be proud of myself for a second? I drew these 2 years ago. If you knew me in high school, you may recognize these types of drawings that I do. These shoes took a long time. I love them. I really really do. And I think I should let someone else have them. Buy them, I mean. 

There’s all kinds of cool designs on these shoes. There’s a little moon, part of a dream catcher, a flower, a little city, all kinds of symbols, just the works. I’m gonna miss these so much. 

  • From Indian Lakes

Cropping this T-shirt actually took some work. It looks pretty professional if I do say so myself. I got this at the first concert I ever went to,and although I still listen to the band, the shirt didn’t fit me comfortably at full length. So snip snip, stitch stitch, and here we are. 

  • Striped 60’s

This is also one of my most favorite ones. I just, I can’t. I’m obsessed. And Hailey rocks this so well.  I thrifted this shirt. It was originally long sleeved, but I cut those bad boys off and made this adorable sweater vest. It’s seriously so cute. 

You NEED this in your life. There’s no denying it. Buy it! Help an artist out. You need this for fall. You know you do. 

  • Lotus Flower Necklace

I hand made this. 

It took hours.

Isn’t it gorgeous though. This is a seed bead wrap bracelet/necklace. It took literally forever to make, but it is absolutely stunning. It’s the only one I have up for sale right now, but trust me, many more are coming. If you like it, let me know. I can customize one for you with one of the many hundred charms I have. 

Thank you for reading through all that. I’m so excited to be sharing my pieces with y’all. My Depop username is @ewolfe!! Be sure to check out my shop. Peace,

Emma Katy

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