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A really important part of fashion is knowing how to style your clothes and finding unique versatile pieces to mix and match. This technique will give your outfits a strong dose of your beautiful personality which is what fashion is really all about.

In this blog post I wanted to show you 2 pieces that were easy to find, fun to style, with 2 seperate looks. The 2 pieces are my black thin material button down shirt and my heeled faux leather boots.




For this first look, I used the same dress for my post “Button Down Beauty”, the black shirt overtop, and my purple boots. This is a very simple look that’s easy to create but fun to prance around in.

The second look is another dress, but this one is a high neck ribbed grey fit and flare dress. This look, although undoubtedly similar to the first, differs in mood and tone. Whereas the first look is playful, this look is very serious and brings a whole new vibe to the table.




Adding simple accessories like a belt or high socks, or lightweight clothing pieces such as a jacket or tights can add a lot to one outfit to help you stand out in a crowd. The button down changes the look from being just of a dress, and the boots add sophistication to the overall look.

1st look dress: Forever 21

2nd look dress: Urban Outfitters 

Photographer: William Wolfe @

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