Tips For Lazy (But Chic) Girls

I’m a lazy girl. I like to lounge around, sleep in, and relax on occasion. And by occasion, I mean, like, everyday. This puts me in a tight spot because often I find myself waiting until the very last second to get ready. Do you know how hard it is to put together a killer outfit, a makeup look, and be pampered all in 15 minutes?? It’s insane, but it can be done. And I’m going to share my last minute secrets with all of you.

  • Clothes 

Making an outfit can be challenging, especially when you just want to lay in bed all day. Some sites suggest picking out your outfit the night before. Well, I’ve tried that and 1 out of 2 things always goes wrong. 1) the outfit isn’t as cool as I thought it would be. Or 2) the outfit is not comfy AT ALL. I know not all styles are going to be comfy, but I’m going to class, not walking a runway show. I like to be comfy. 

Basically, the key to a really good outfit (that’s also reasonable) is one or two statement pieces. The whole point is to stand out and these pieces will give you the upper hand. 

My go-to statement pieces have turned into either my shoes, or my bottoms. For my shoes, any kind will work, whether it’s sneaker, high tops, boots, slip ons, whatever you desire. As long as they are unique. Right now have a wonderful pair of slip ons and sandals that I switch between.

These slip ons are incredibly comfy and different. These type of slip ons have been trending this summer, and I absolutely love my pair. I suggest getting a neutral color, so no matter what you decided to wear, you can just slip these on and you’re good to go. 

And we also have these adorable sandals. (Please ignore my veiny feet). These are apparently a knock off version of a Steve Madden sandal, I think. These are also one of my favorite pairs of shoes because they’re light weight. I wore these all last summer and this summer, and due to the color I will most likely be wearing them throughout the fall. 

Now, onto my next go-to statement piece: my bottoms. Basically wear anything besides jeans. I’ve come to hate jeans. I hate the feel, the look, and these feelings amplify even more for jeans shorts. I really just don’t appreciate jeans anymore. 

Many of you may be thinking “what other kind of shorts/pants are there??” I didn’t realize they were other forms of pants until my last years of high school because everyone wears jeans. But as I write this, I sit in white linen shirts that I got from Old Navy. I have a striped fabric pair from Hollister. I also have a satin pair from H&M that I love. 

And if you love jeans, mix them up a little. High wasted are literally always a win. You can’t go wrong with high wasted anything. Or there’s always the holes in the knees trend. And you could get really creative and get those jeans with the two different washes. You know, the ones were the pant leg is light wash and the seem is medium to dark wash? They’re all over Youtube. 

My next tip to looking stylish with limited time is a button-up. I literally wear button-ups ALL THE TIME. They are just so easy to layer with. I wear them over t-shirts, crop tops, dresses, anything. 

The combinations are endless. And it’s so easy. It makes you look like you put a whole lot of thought into it when you just threw it on. It’s also a great way to keep warm in class. Why are classrooms so freaking cold??? The world may never know. But now you can go to class unbothered because you have a handy dandy button-up. You can get these at pretty much any thrift store for like, $3 a piece. Just hit up the men’s section; it really doesn’t matter the size because the oversized trend is always a trend. 

Okay so now that we got our outfit out of the way, let’s move onto our hair. I don’t know about y’all, but most days are bad hair days for me. Usually putting my hair into a bun or pony tail works. Sometimes it doesn’t. And I do not have the time to straighten it, or curl it, or whatever girls who have better time management skills do. Here are 2 solutions:

1) Wet your hair.

Sometimes when my hair is wet it is much easier to tame, and most of the time when I let my hair air dry, it looks like beach waves. I wet my hair completely, brush through it thoroughly until all the tangles are out. This is what I’ve been doing before heading to work. I will uploading an updated haircare routine on Wednesday so come back then to find out how I keep my hair silky smooth and soft. 

2) Headbands

I actually love headbands but I always forget about them. They are perfect for getting your frizzy tangled mess out of your face. “Out if sight, out of mind”, right? Lol, I’m just kidding, but it all seriousness it’s pretty hard to look bad with a headband on. 

I threw on this headband whenever my hair got way to puffy for me to be comfortable with. It just helps. Decorative headbands are the best, but really any kind will do. They instantly add style and volume to your hair. 

Okay, so your hair looks great, your outfit is killer, but makeup is still in question. I was debating about talking about makeup because everyone likes to wear makeup differently, and for some, not at all. And any way you like to do it is the right way ladies and gentlemen. If you wanna see the look I’ll most likely be rocking on these early morning check out my minimalistic makeup routine. And if makeup isn’t really your thing, check out my skin care routine that can be done in the morning or at night. 

I hope these tips help y’all out!! I know they are life savers for me. Let me know what works for you. I’m always looking for more ways to be efficient. 


Emma Katy 

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