Shameless (US) S1-S7 Review

You’ve heard of Shameless, right? It’s an extremely dramatic and heart wrenching TV series that you will fall in love with and want to hold like a child. Sound strange?? Watch it and you’ll see what I mean. 

Shameless, for those of you who don’t know, is kind of like Breaking Bad meets the Brady Bunch. There’s a lot of bad things happening to this somewhat large family, but they all love each other and work together. It’s set in Chicago, the South Side, and it depicts the lives of the Gallaghers. 

1) The acting: The acting is extremely good. When I watch this show, I lose myself in the reality of it all. Everything looks so genuine, and everything feels so intense. 

2) The music: Music is such a huge factor in setting the mood of a show. I never really noticed the music until season 7. There’s a song and as soon as I heard it I was like “WTF is THIS??!!” And excuse my language, but it’s called “Baddest Mother F*cker in the Beehive”. I forget the band name, but I listen to this song All. The. Time. I think Season 6 and 7 are my favorite seasons, due to music and plot. 

3) The clothing: Since this show depicts people in the poverty line, they do not care much about extensive style. I don’t go there for styling tips, but sometimes they have really cool pieces that I’m like “ugghhh, where did they find that?” Probably a thrift store. No shame in that game. 

4) The script: The script is great. Everything is like a real conversation. Nobody says something corny, or lame, or unconventional. Everything seems raw and heart felt. Every actor/actress delivers their lines with a determination that’s seems effortless and natural. It’s wonderfully written and gets more and more and more hilarious every season. 

The Sad but Honest Truth:

Shameless is a good show for a number of reasons, as listed above. But there is also so much truth that lies within that show. When I first started watching it, I had no idea some people can have such a life so opposite of mine. That being honest or on the straight and narrow doesn’t work for everyone. 

I think everyone goes through this life thinking we all start on the same foundation. For a long time I didn’t realize that not everyone started their life with parents to teach them. Not everyone had the privilege of guidance. I didn’t take into account that not everyone gets money for their birthday and Christmas. 

Some people are disadvantaged from the get-go and I feel like Shameless introduced me to that reality. Fiona, the oldest sister, had to drop out of school to raise her siblings. She didn’t have a choice. Lip does what he can to help support the family, as they are barely getting by. Everyone in the show works harder and harder every season. 

I think it’s important to realize this. I hear a lot of people say things like “well I did it, why can’t you?” And I’ve probably said this a dozen times. But the honest truth is people don’t have the same advantages I had, whether it’s because I’m white, female, middle class, skinny, or feminine. Isn’t that crazy??? Isn’t that horrible? 

So yeah, I know some people may deam this as over analyzing. But the show depicts this exact situation many times. 

This show also explores many popular topics, such as drug abuse, proverty, alcoholism, mental illnesses, teen pregnancy-especially in inner cities, sexualities such as gay and transgender, and homelessness. This show is an overhaul of educating yourself. Plus, it’s so expertly written you don’t even realize you’re learning. You think you’re watching an amazing show that makes you laugh. 

Another great thing about this show is that the characters never do what you want them to. You’ll be screaming at your TV “Don’t do it!” And they will. They always will. But that’s what’s great. I know a lot of shows introduce a problem, but then it always gets fixed. The day is always saved. And everything goes back to normal. Shameless does a fantastic job with the storyline. It constantly changes. What gets broken stays broken. What happens doesn’t just go away. The characters have to live with their mistakes, just like in real life. The present is the new normal. There are no do-overs. Very realistic fictional show. 

All in all, this show is fantastic. It’s been one of my favorites for a while now. It’s definitely worth the hype. And honestly, skip the first episode. The intro will make you think the show sucks. That’s what happened to me. Just go right into episode 2 and you’re good to go. 

Thanks for reading. Go check out this show. You will not regret it. 


Emma Katy

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