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Before I started wearing makeup, I didn’t realize how conscious you had to be about the weather. I thought it was always simple, but I’m beginning to notice that as the seasons change, my make up needs to change with it. 

I feel like every month or so, I keep developing new everyday-makeup routines, and I finally found a perfect one for summer. It’s super minimalistic, extremely light weight, fast, and simple. 

So here are the products I’ve been using for my everyday-makeup routine. As you can see, the pile is very small, which means it’s easy to pack for traveling, and easy to reapply when you’re done with swimming. 

I actually forgot to add this little gem in the photo above. My eyebrows switch between this and another kit I have. I love how compact this one is though for this season, so it’s the one I’ve been using up. I start with filling and placing my eyebrows before doing anything else. 

This next step is the newest step in my makeup routine. This is a face toner I received from Ipsy. I didn’t try using it until the past few weeks and I am obsessed with it. I put a little on to give my face a glow. Now that I’ve been using this for awhile, I notice my skin tone has reduced it’s redness, which it’s a and issue I’ve been dying to fix. I put this on to give my son a radiant glow. This means I no longer have to put on a foundation cream, so my face doesn’t melt off in the heat of day. I love this face toner, and I’m so glad I found this alternative for this hot weather. 

My face toner may do its part in eliminating some of my redness, but my face still tends to cherry up in my T zone area. So concealer is a must have. I just spread this lightly under my eyes, my cheek bones, the center of my forehead, and my chin. 

Then, I set my face with my covergirl powder. This really helps set the concealer and create a flawlessly smooth skin tone on my face without getting me all greasy. I love doing this because I still feel coverage, but not suffocating coverage. 

I feel my best when I wear some sort of eyeshadow. Without eyeshadow I feel so exposed. Maybe it’s because the views in my eyelids are noticable. Or because I fear I always look tired. Whatever the case, I always try my best to mask these things with a touch of eyeshadow. Lately I’ve been using my Too Faced Peach palette, covering my lids like Georgia, the palest pinky shade, and going in with either Nectar or White Peach just to brighten my eyes up even more. I find these colors compliment my skin tone really well. 

These are the brushes I use to apply and blend my eyeshadow. There’s a small fluffy brush and then and big fluffy brush. Although these and rent extremely key elements in my makeup toutine, I’d thought I’d share them with you anyways because I love them so much. 

For mascara my current favorite is this one I got out of my Ipsy package recently. I think it creates the best natural length out of all my other mascaras. It really just tops the whole thing off. I’ve been wearing this one daily and I haven’t noticed any smudging or running. Sometimes when you wear mascara for a long period of time, you slowly begin to look like a racoon. Not with this bad boy. 

Lastly, I usually top my look off with a lip gloss. This just keeps my lips moisturized and makes my natural lip color pop. Keeping it simple and natural is my whole thing right now. 

I hope y’all enjoyed reading this and it helped you develop a breezy summer makeup routine of your own. This post is completely unsponsored, so all of these opinions are true. These products mentioned are really great. Take the time to check some out for yourself. Especially the face toner. 


Emma Katy

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