Emptying My Closet (Donating)

As we discussed in my last post, I’ve been doing a ton of decluttering. I went through the majority of stuff already. Decluttering made me be honest with myself about my interests, hobbies, and personality. Growing up, I became interested in different activities, different decorations, and a whole lot of art supplies. 

I know this isn’t exactly a “looks” topic, but I wanted to write about this in this category because the biggest change I noticed was my clothes. I emptied my dresser. Now I open up my dresser drawers and am shocked by how much I don’t have to wear. It actually makes me feel good, because before, I would together an outfit and legitimately worry that a better combination lied somewhere deep in the depths of my wardrobe. Now I can clearly see what I own, meaning I can leave the house in my best outfit possible. 

Now, being pretty much a grown up trying to find my path, I went through all these old things, like books, art stuff, clothes, and things like that. I had to ask myself if I actually am ever doing to take this hobby up, am I REALLY ever do to do such-and-such, and so on. 

I filled two garbage bags full of clothes. Tops, pants, and shorts to give to Goodwill. I shop at Goodwill, so I will probably steer clear of the one I donate to, in order to prevent buying my old stuff again. I also got together books I’ll never read, supplies I’ll never use and other stuff. 

I always think about giving back to my community. It’s an important thing to consider for each of us to do. My gently used things can be beneficial to plenty of people in my community. 

Some of us may not always be able to donate money or time. When I think about being charitable, I always think I don’t have enough to give. But one book, or one shirt, could make a lot of difference to one person, and that’s really the whole point. 

I consider this a success because decluttering not only helps me clear my mind, focus on what’s important, and help me mature. It’s also getting me to be involved in my local community by doing something selfless. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your living space, or like everything needs to be organized, try decluttering. Going through your stuff will give you a better sense of what you have, let you throw away/donate things you never use, and create more space for the things you love. 

Thanks for reading. I hope this inspired you to empty out the suffocating things in your life. It’s liberating to minimalize, in my opinion. And also, knowing that you’re offering something to other members in your community is fulfilling. 


Emma Katy 

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