Cutest Summer Romper

Rompers have been an on going trend for awhile now. So much so, that men are catching on and slaying on the daily. Last year, I couldn’t find any rompers that I liked, but now they’re all over the place. 

My favorite one that I got a few months ago (on sale), is this black towel romper with white piping. Check this look below: 

(Towel sold separately –at Walmart)

I usually hate sleeveless everything. Sleeveless dresses, tops, all that, no thanks. But this romper is one of my most prized summer possesions. I’m in love with it. 

I love swimming. It’s an activity my boyfriend and I do on a regular basis (when the weather calls for it). But there are many aspects of swimming I hate. I hate changing. The process of changing out of a soaking wet swim suit in a public place (if we swim at the lake) into dry clothes is a very uncomfortable experience. But, you can’t just slip on shorts or shirts over you suit without embarrassingly soaking your change of clothes. With this romper, you CAN just slip it on over your clothes, and be simultaneously cool while drying your swim suit, because it’s a TOWEL. 

This is one of those clothing pieces you could see yourself living in. I probably will be this summer. I got this gem at Hollister, and like I mentioned it was on sale. So it was probably really popular last summer and I’m slow on the game. But if you can find one of these, GET IT. You will thank me. I expect a thank you card in the mail. 

Thanks for reading. A huge shout out to Chesley for taking these stunning pics! You’re the best girl. 


Emma Katy 

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