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This past week I have been binge watching like crazy some D.I.Y home decor stuff on Youtube. My room, as cute as it is, needs a little sum sum. A little growing up to do. 

My makeup needs to be organized. My old posters need to be taken down. My shelves need to be cleared and so on. The color scheme as got to go. 

Yesterday I went to a resale shop to look for some cute things to re-design. I walked around the store five times, making the total amount of time spent inside roughly an hour. Your girl was dedicated. Here’s the before pictures, and next week, I’ll show y’all the finished projects. I took these pictures and then immediately started working on them. Time just flew by, and before I knew it the day was over. I’m sorry for the tardiness of this post. 

The first thing I want to show you guys is this crusty silverware tray. 

This thing is wrecked. It’s a gross yellow. Dirty. Blah. Gross. I went to Walmart after going to the resale place and normal silverware trays are like 5 bucks. I got this tray for one dollar. Heck yeah baby. I bought this because I had the idea to use this to organize my makeup in my desk 

The next thing I’m pretty excited about. 

It’s a box!!! 

It’s an old apple box. I have a habit of hording “memories” like movie ticket stubs, booklets from places like the aquarium, and other little souvenirs. Up until this point, I always put the memories into a ugly shoe box. Now I have this cute wooden box. 

One of my favorite things about it is how it opens. You push the lid one way and pop it off. Super cool, in my opinion. 

Next is just a normal candle stand. 

I’m guessing it fell apart at some point due to the copper wire holding the base together. I got this for my more important daily makeup, to be elevated off the desk top and displayed pretty. 

The best part of this whole thing is turning one object into another. 

This was actually a mirror inside a picture frame. My idea for this nifty little piece is to paint the frame white, and clean that filthy mirror. I want to use it as a tray for my perfumes, or other glass pretty things. 

Next this is not a transformation, but just super cute. 

I’m trying to convert my room from being all colorful to a simple modern black and white, with a few accents. My boyfriend was like “oh, you’re going through that phase.” Yep, I sure am. I love the design on the candle, and think it will compliment my room nicely. 

This next one isn’t a transformation either, but I hopped all over it. 

I’m from New Orleans. So like, obviously I HAD to. I looked this cup up and it’s vintage!!! How cool is that? I looked up what it meant, and jiggers actually means spirits. Like to be in high spirits. This is so cool. I’m thinking of melting down some candles I already own, and pouring them into this glass, turning it into a makeshift d.i.y. candle. 

One of the simplest things I purchased was this mason jar. I want to paint it white, to match my new aesthetic. I’m thinking of using it for all my makeup brushes. I have a lot of makeup stuff you guys. 

There’s a few more things, and they’re my absolute favorite. 

There’s this one. 

And this one.

How cute are these???!!! I found these and I was like “AHHHHH”. I love these. I want to paint the frames and hang them above my bed. They’re so adorable. I know these are like something you see in somebody’s house and you’re like “??? That’s random?” It is random. But it is also super cute. 

Last but not least, actually the most expensive.

I know I said modern, but I’m actually leaning more towards vintage? 

This trophy is from the early 90’s. Some of you may be screaming “that’s not vintage!” And you may be right. My plan is to paint the base a matte black, turn this into a statue, and use it as a book stopper maybe. It’s by far my most favorite thing I got. Who would know you could find a super cute old trophy, and be totally inspired. I found this on my fifth trip around the store. Definitely a unique find. 

Thanks, as always, for reading. I’m super excited about these projects. Growing up is hard, but you should at least enjoy the place you have to do it in. I have a feeling that spray painting, decluttering, and moving around will be happening a lot in my near future. Y’all are the best. 


Emma Katy

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