Lippie LoveStruck

Like I’ve said before, summer is for new things. New looks, new clothes, and new makeup. 

I recently went to Sephora with my boyfriend. We probably spent an hour or more in there because I had no idea what I wanted. We made our way to the Tarte section (as we always seem to do) and I started playing around with the lipsticks. 

I’ve been wanting a brown liquid lipstick for some time now. I really like the way it looks, and sometimes I’ll finish an eye look, then start looking for a brownish lipstick, only to realize I don’t even known one. 

So as we searched around Sephora, I remembered that the brown lipstick road is one I wanted to travel down. 

I found a beautiful Tarte lipstick in the shade Biscotti. It was a perfect match to what I’ve been imagining all this time. But guess what? They were out of stock. 

So my boyfriend and I looked at every section: Kat Von D finally had a close-ish match. But right when we were going to check out, and I had scraped all the swatches off my hand, we found the Sephora collection. 

This one was almost an exact replica of the Tarte lippie, so I was like “Thank GOODNESS”. It was a much better match than the Kat Von D one. 
I really like this color. It may seem a little heavy for summer, and more suited for fall/winter, but trust me. It’s a statement. This is the Sephora liquid lipstick in the shade 39 I guess. That’s the only name I could find. It is a cross between a satin and matte finish. It has a very wearable consistency.  

It looks more plum in the photos than an actual true brown. I think this color is great for summer nights actually, and can be worn as the summer changes from summer, to fall, to winter. Definitely a color to play around with. 

I was super excited about this shade, and how adventurous I’ve been getting with my makeup, so I wanted to share it with you all. Let me know what you think. 


Emma Katy

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