Summer F-It List (Revisited) 

A little while ago I wrote about a few things I wanted to do this summer. Now that summer has actually begun, I want to keep track of what things I actually do, and slowly had some more new adventures along away. 

I’ve developed a disease which I call “wishful thinking”. The Wishful Thinking disease (WT for short), is when you constantly imagine a future, in order to escape from the present. First it was “when I graduate”, then it was “when college starts”, which evolved to “when the semester ends” and so on and so forth. There may be an actual scientific word for this mental state, but I’m calling it WT. 

I don’t know if many of you have experienced this. I’m sure we all have at some point. “When I get married”, “when I move out”, “when I get a better job”, all these things are great goals to have, but they can take away the beautiful experience you’re having now. 

My boyfriend pointed out to me that I am never content with where I am. He’s right. So this Summer F-it list is to keep me grounded here. To only focus on having a great time, instead of thinking a great time lies in the future. 

The first adventure on my Summer F-it list has been conpleted. I TOOK MY BOYFRIEND TO SIX FLAGS. 

I didn’t realize until I got home from the trip that the only pictures I took were on my Snapchat, and I’d forgotten to download them before the disappeared forever. How awful!!! This makes me incredibly sad, but the memory lives on. I want to share it with you, so I will be as descriptive as possible. 

So last Saturday night we left at around…..I’m not sure maybe 5ish, and we headed to Arlington, which was about a 2 hour drive. We arrived at our hotel, in dismay that the roads around us were under construction. But we got a nice room on the second floor, right above the pool. It was very nice and inexpensive. 

We went “grocery shopping” at Dollar General not far from our hotel. There was actually a Starbucks right next door to our hotel room and I didn’t get one coffee!!! Yat to kicking a caffeine addiction for a few days! *virtual high five*. 

We decided to rest up for our big Six Flags day. We woke up early that Sunday (being like 9:30 or so) and headed out to our super fun destination. We stopped by a gas station on the way there and I decided it would be great idea to have like 2 Oatmeal Creme Pies and half of my boyfriend’s gas station Taquito for breakfast. 

So we get to the park, and I’m like scared out of my mind, but I’m preparing my brain because this is what my boyfriend wanted to do, so I am definitely going to ride all these rides. 

We get there right at opening. Some rides are going and others are still waiting to be turned on. We ride the Runaway Mine Train. And then we ride the Batman, (which freaked me out!!!), and finally at Mr. Freeze I learned how to use my flash pass. The Batman was probably my favorite, or at least most memorable. Before I get into this next part, let me give y’all a little background information. I get motion sickness. Yeah I know, I know, I hear you. “Emma, then WHY ride roller coasters??!!” BECAUSE I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND. And I also get extremely sick when I get hot and considering its June in Texas, yeah pretty hot. So guess what? I start getting sick. Sick like I need to lay down. And the more my boyfriend tries to help, the more we walk, the more I feel like I’m about to die. We find a bench for me to sit on and a Six Flags employee comes up to me and asks if I need to go to First Aid. And I say “no, I’m okay” and immediately throw up after the words leave my lips. 

It’s disgusting. It’s embarrassing. It’s visibly obvious what I had for breakfast (gas station Taquito remember?). In the midst of all the heaving, I hear the employee say “we have an 18 over here”. The humiliation. 

They come to get me and drive me back to their little first aid section, give me water and Poweraid, along with some motion sickness medicine. It’s pretty great. I stay there for maybe 20 minutes before we all figure the best course of action is for me to stick to the”moderately thrilling” rides the park has to offer. Worst. Six Flags. Partner. Ever. 

We leave first aid to head towards the Yosemite Sam ride. The lazy river with the robot Looney Tunes characters. It was awesome. 

My boyfriend had to ride the Texas Giant and Titan by himself. No way was I going to risk it. I was actually considering the Titan, but my fear talked me out if it. We rode the Roaring Rapids twice (thanks Flash Pass), the Aquaman, Runaway Mountain, Justice League 4D, and I think a few others. At around 5 or so it began to storm, and we decided to leave before it got too bad. 

We ate the biggest turkey leg ever while we were there, and I even became a junior deputy to the sheriff after a theif tried to rob the train. That was really fun. 

Even though I threw up and we had to leave early, it was an incredible experience. Honestly, I probably would’ve never went if it wasn’t for my boyfriend. I didn’t realize that Six Flags Over Texas had so much to offer. I really wanna ride the Batman again. 

Check 1 off my F-it list for this summer. Up next we are headed to Austin to explore some coffee shops (kill 2 birds with one stone), art museums, and other adventures within the beautiful city. (I promise to take actual pictures this time). 

Thank y’all for reading. Have fun this summer, and live while you can!! Be safe out there too. 


Emma Katy 

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