Old Navy Haul

As I told y’all, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately. And I’m gonna keep shopping until my wardrobe is full for the summer. My last shopping trip I went to was at Old Navy. I got SO MUCH STUFF from their Memorial Day sales weekend. Nearly everything was 50% off.

Old Navy had a lot of good basics, like T-shirts, shorts, and even active clothes. I feel like everything they make is pretty high quality. It can be hard to find staple pieces there, but if you look hard enough you will find them.

The first thing I love is this white T-shirt with a little American Flag finger peace sign. I think the patch is adorable. The shirt itself is a little see-through, but it looks great with a cami underneath. I actually got this in a size large because the flowiness will make it much more wearable in the summer time, along with the color.

The next thing is this olive green T-shirt with “Live Well & Travel Often” written on it. I wish I would’ve sized up for this shirt, but it is amazingly comfortable and soft.

“All American” I like this shirt because I feel like it is patriotic, but I hope everyone feels included to wear it. I love the lettering, the grey texture, and the fit. It is so comfy. I love it so much. Keep in mind, all of these T-shirts were 50% off.

One of the best things I have in this haul is this dress. I adore flowy dresses, and this one is definitely flowy. It has a collared neck, some panelling on the chest and a tiny V neck. It’s so interesting. I love the design. It’s as if someone sketched it with a pen.

I’ve been on the lookout for shorts. Any kind of shorts except Jean shorts. I don’t know what it is but I feel like Jean shorts just make me look so clumpy. These linen shirts were also on sale at Old Navy and they are so cute. I don’t like how the white is see through, so I’ll probably just be wearing these to the lake as a cover up. The draw string is so cute, in my opinion. I think these are great for the weather, seeing as their light weight.

The last (but certainly not least) thing I bought is this adorable sleep romper. These were hidden in the store, I swear. I walked around the store like 3 times before finding these. I am in a romper phase or something at this point. I also see this as a bathing suit cover up, or even a layering piece. Super soft, comfortable, and affordable! This shopping trip was a total gold mine. I love the color, and the striped designs.

Thank you so much for reading! Y’all need to go shopping at Old Navy. They have some good stuff for summer. Old Navy was a store I used to never consider. But I’m slowly moving from stores like Rue21 to Old Navy and others. Eventually I’ll be shopping at like JCPenny. Y’all stay hydrated and wear breathable clothing.


Emma Katy

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