May Ipsy Unboxing

I’ve been sharing with y’all the goodies I get from my monthly subscription to Ipsy. This month was not a disappointment. I received a very nice variety of stuff, and am so excited to try these out. 

The first thing I want to talk about is this absolutely adorable makeup bag. I love love love this bag so much. The first thing everyone usually learns about me is I have a crazy (and perhaps extremely unhealthy) obsession with ice cream. When I pulled this bag out if my Ipsy package, I chuckled. This bag is perfect for summer and summer supplies. I love how it’s transparent also. 

This next thing is ehh. It’s a brow sculpting kit. My very first brow sculpting kit is exactly like this one. Same shape, same colors, same design. Mine is from Rimmel, and it also has a tiny spoily brush. I will not be using this, simply because I pretty much own a better version,  regardless of which came first. 

This next thing is nice. I love the packaging and colors, and I actually forgot to take a picture of the actual eyeshadow colors… yeah. Sorry I’m a failure. But basically they’re all neutrals. They aren’t matte, they are like a shimmery type. I haven’t tried the colors out yet, but honestly they look pretty cheap. The colors are great for everyday wear, which is perfect for summer. 

I love the names of the shades as well. You wouldn’t think that matters but it really does. There’s a difference between answering the question of “what are you wearing?” With “oh I’m wearing the shadow skinny dip” versus “color 143”. Much more pizazz. And also who can forget, this palette is vegan and cruelty free!!! I always appreciate that. 

Now we have this lotion. I tried to upload a vertical picture but my phone refused so we are left with this one. I have heard of Hempz lotions before but don’t think I have ever used them. I’m really excited for this lotion because I’m the kind if person that will be in the candle isle, shampoo isle, and yes lotion isle, and stay smelling all of them. Pomegranate is always a win. I don’t use lotions very often, but I love the size and shape of this one. 

Next is this brush. Okay y’all remember that ugly little unicorn brush I got right from my last unboxing? Well I don’t know if Ipsy read my post or what because they sent me a similar brush but a much, much better version. I love the colors of this brush, the bristles are soft and the firmness of them is great. I’m super excited to use this. 

Last but not least we have this Urban Decay highlighter in Sin. It’s a champagne highlight, which is hands down my fav. I know this is sample, but I’m personally offended by how small this is. I love the packaging of this too, as most Urban Decay products, and definitely satsified. I think I will be a sucker, purchasing the actual full size one. Ipsy has gotten me hooked on a few things, and I think this will be another. 

I hope y’all enjoyed this and found some products you may want to try! Thank you for reading. Have a good rest of your Wednesday. I’m thinking about doing a product review soon so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. 


Emma Katy

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