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This Wednesday I decided to write about my skin care beauty routine. The most important part of taking care of your skin is knowing your skin well. 

Your face is different and more sensitive than the rest of your body. This is important to remember when buying cleansing products. I personally have combination skin, but my face tends to get more oily on a regular basis. 

Multiple things can effect the cleanliness of your skin. How often you touch your face, how long your hair is, how much or how often you wear makeup, and the harshness of products. In order to keep your skin clear and hair healthy (which will be next week’s blog post) you should watch your hair every other day or even longer, and when it begins to get too greasy, put it in updo hairstyles. This will let your hair use its natural oils, but also keep those oil off of your face. 

My next tip is to not wash your face with the same lofa, wash cloth, or bar soap as the rest of your body. This will lead to soap the hat are harsh on your face to make their way into your pores. 

The next thing that has made a difference for my skin is to use a primer for makeup. Primer blurs out your pores by filling them with a colorless substance, which also helps keep the chemicals from your makeup from clogging your skin. This is the one I use: 

This is the Hard Candy Sheer Envy primer. It has a weird texture but is great at protecting my skin, keeping my foundation even, and is odorless. 

The last and most important idea is to develop a skin care routine and find an acne or prevention cream that fits the sensutility of your skin. By applying this everyday after a cleansing bath or shower, your skin will stay clearer and free of blemishs. 

This one pictured above is my holy grail. I found this product a few years ago and it has been my go to ever since. It is drying, which is perfect for my skin. It also feels like it’s shrinks my pores, but it does not claim to do this. It has and thick texture, so a little bit does a lot. 

This next product I now use because I could not find the other one. Where as the other one is very good at protecting pimples from ever coming, this next product is good at prevention and making blemishs disappear. Although it says “on the spot” I use it for complete coverage after my showers or baths. 

You can find any of this products at a big box store and all of them are cheap, but effective. These products work great for my clean. I’m sure to stay away from moisturers, face masks, and heavy foundations. Clean skin leads to clear skin. 

I hoped this post helped you. Thank you so much for reading. 

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