All Natural All Purpose Skincare 

If you’re like me, summer skin care can be quite the challenge. I’ve gone through a few skin care products, and I’m always on the lookout for new (and all natural) products to help me take care of my skin. 

Giving consideration to the fact that it’s summer, a lot of skin care will be taking place within the next few months as we have to deal with sun burns, bug bites, scratches from playing outside, and everyday skin irritations like pimples. 

This is one of the reason why summer can be so expensive. You have to buy sun screen, bug spray, aloe vera, Neosporin, etc. But what if I told you that you could have all that in one cute little tin? 

There are a few things I suffer from every summer. The first: insect bites. I don’t know what it is but I can’t be outside for 5 minutes without all kinds of attacks. Mosquitos and ants are the absolute worst. Bug bites on my arms and legs, ant bites on my toes, and NOTHING works. I could bathe in bug spray and it wouldn’t stop the little buggers from eating me alive. And all those weird “itch stoppers” from the drug store never work. Now, I have this green little guy to stop the itches and get me back out there. Second: cuts. I am one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet. Being able to be in shorts and open toed shoes this summer means that I will start to develop mysterious cuts all over my body. It’s ridiculous really. The third thing I suffer from: pimples. I am outside either at the lake swimming, or fishing, and (hopefully bike riding this summer), all day. That means I’m not only sweating, but all that nature is making its way inside my pores. Pimples galore, let me tell you. 

Now I’ve found a product that is a natural remedy to all my summer problems, packaged adorably and conveniently in this cute little tin I can keep in my purse or hand to my boyfriend to put in his pocket. This is a great alternative instead of buying 5 or so different (chemical based) products. 

Okay okay, I’ll tell you where you can get one of your own. There’s a 1oz tin (like mine) that is $3.00 and a 2oz tin that sells for $5.00. If you are interested in ordering one you can send an email over to or shoot them a message on their Facebook store Stardust and Wishes. They would be happy to help you obtain a fun green goo of your own to protect you, your kids, and even your animals from the not so hot aspects of summer. 

Thank you for reading! This product is seriously one of the best out there. You can rely on me to bring you great products as affordable prices. Stay safe and be careful this summer!! (This post is unsponsored.)


Emma Katy

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