Vintage Caps

Vintage Caps

Lighting in my room sucks, but as you can tell I was really feeling myself in this cap. 

As we all know and remember, beanies were the go to Cool Girl staple last year for the fall and winter season. And trust me, they still look killer for dressing up or dressing down any outfit. But a trend I see making its way across Youtube is the baseball cap. 

Honestly, I think the uprising of this trend is because of the whole vintage vibes that keep appearing in my newsfeed and blog posts. First it was the snapbacks, then the beanies, and now it’s the baseball caps. 

There are several great things about baseball caps. 

1) They are super easy to find. (The one pictured above is from a local coffee shop, but seriously ANY company logo looks vintage and cute on these caps. My friend walked in with a Bass Pro Shop baseball cap and I was like who knew?) 

2) These caps are AMAZING at hiding messy hair, wet hair, or oily hair. They go with all lengths, which is awesome because sometimes snapbacks and beanies can make you look like the wrong gender if you aren’t careful. (which was definitely my problem) 

3) They help girls and guys like me -who have to wear glasses- hide from the sun.

 Some stores you can find baseball caps at are Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 (who alsp have faux leather ones!!) and I think Nastygal has them too. 

Hats really look good with any casual outfit and give it that extra piece. For example, if you wanted to look super cool, but also wanted to be super comfortable, a regular pair of jeans and t shirt would look great with the perfect baseball cap. It’s like the cherry on top. 

Thank you so much for reading. Remember the have fun with your fashion. 

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