No Makeup- Makeup Look

I have been trying to figure out a good makeup look to wear during these simmering summer days. Then, I realized something. I already have a look I put on everyday, to look natural and beautiful without feeling sticky from all this humidity. 

There are a few rules to mastering the no makeup look, and I’m willing to dive into my Pandora’s box of magical secrets to help out my fellow makeup lover. Keep in mind that the goal is to look pretty polished, but not noticably so. The first rule of the famous no-makeup-makeup-look is brows. I know many girls take their brows very seriously, and will not leave the house unless their brows are done. I have fluffy brows by nature, so all I do is brush them out and use a clear gel to hold them in place. There’s something about touched up brows that really makes a person look more put together. 

The next is your highlighter. You can go from tired and drab to “girlllllllllll, you’re GLOWING”. Girl, I know. I totally got 3 hours of sleep last night but I am finnnee. I swear. I don’t know what kind of magic sorcery is held within these little glittery particles, but I’m not complainging. I usually skip blush when going for a natural look because my cheeks tend to have a redness that I can’t tame anyways. For more even toned faces, I would suggest using blush instead of bronzer on an everyday look. You want to look glowing and alive, not contoured. 

Next should be kind of a given, but nude lipstick is absolutely a must for no makeup looks. This color is a Tarte lip paint in the shade rosé that I got out of an Ipsy package not too long ago. Another good route to go, if you’re a lipstick hater or find it isn’t realistic for your adventures this summer, is to use a tinted (or not tinted) lip balm. This is a good choice if you’re going out to eat or something along those lines because it’s only a subtle hint of color and can easily be reapplied. It is much lighter than wearing a lipstick all day. Plus, it keeps your lips hydrated!

Next I want to talk to you a little bit about eyes. For this look on this post, you can obviously tell I’m wearing eyeshadow. You can keep your no makeup looks less eyeshadowy, but for me, No way honey. Eyeshadow is my thing. Lately, I’ve been using a pale pink eyeshadow all over my lids. I find it compliments my skin very well. Today I darkened up my outer corners, just to add a little sum sum. The final tip to looking cute but simple is your eyeliner. In high school, when I first started wearing makeup I didn’t want everyone to notice. So what I did was take a brown eyeliner pencil and just darken up my tight line and the corners of my eyes. The brown is way more subtle than using black, and tightlining makes your eyes look more open. This gives your eyes a little more attention. This is the secret weapon. You ever see a girl and think “wow she looks so beautiful and stunning, and I can’t tell why”? She probably tightlined my friend. 

Following these few steps will get you ready fast and easy, resulting in a put together look that’s natural. I hope you enjoyed this post!!

Emma Katy 

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