Bananas for Bandanas 

All of the sudden I’m like loving accesories? I don’t know what it is. Is it because it’s hard to layer things due to the heat? Is it because I’m growing and changing? The answer evades me. But all I know for sure is I’m loving belts, high socks, and BANDANAS. 

So I styled too different looks for y’all featuring some bandanas that were literally a dollar each at Walmart to show you some fun ways to incorporate bandanas into your wardrobe.

So this first outfit is for when you’re feeling like a delicate flower but one of those Venus fly traps at the same time? The soft pink shirt, super comfy shorts, and the white bandana as a necklace is easy to put together  The shirt at the collar says “Girls Bite Back” in the most subtle of ways. It’s from H&M. The shorts are from forever ago from Hollister, as seen in my Spring lookbook. I love this for summer. Instead of only wearing a t-shirt and shorts, you’re really mixing patterns and ditching the choker for a western vibe. Very chic.

Next one!!

This one was my favorite. You may recognize this top from my 2020 Ave haul. I went to tuck it into my shorts from H&M, and I saw the slit in the shirt. And then I had an amazing idea. Tie it in a knot. Genius. Hello! Whoa. I love myself sometimes. The purple bandana just brings the whole thing together. And before you ask if I purposely picked 4 pictures with my head all turned the same way. No. No I did not. It’s my good side I guess. This look is meant to take you anywhere. Shopping. Brunch. Lunch. Concert. Wherever. The bandana keeps your hair out of your face and the outfit makes you feel great. I love the pop of color in this monochromatic look. How stunning! Let me know if you would like me to start linking products down below to create these looks yourselves and I will definitely provide for y’all. 

As always thank you for reading. I hope you found some inspo from these looks and come again soon!! I have an Ipsy unboxing coming for y’all, so check back in for that. 

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