Summer F*ck It List

(I know my post is late but please cut me some slack. Classes are crazy and I worked an 11 hour shift yesterday. I will do better, promise!) God, summer hurry up already. I’m so ready to be out of school, done worrying about classes, and be full of fun times. I’m so excited for summer to start, all I’ve been thinking about lately is how I’m going to spend my time-when I actually get some to myself. I figured it was time to make a list of all these things and share my adventures with you. 

  1. Take my boyfriend to Six Flags (I’ve been meaning to take him for the last two years but either didn’t have the money, time, or mode of transportation. That changes this year.)
  2. Day Trip to Austin (I’ve never gone to Austin, TX even though it’s been a dream of mine to visit) I’m considering transferring to UT Austin sometime in the near future, so I would love to explore the city first.
  3. Visit at least 4 hole-in-the-wall coffee shops. You know how I am. Gotta collect those T shirts. 
  4. Win a volley ball game against my boyfriend (one of these days I will have my chance)
  5. Go to a concert or music festival 
  6. Get bikes to see the city with (Austin, Houston, Oklahoma City)
  7. Take a cruise to wherever (please please please bank account can I?)
  8. Graffiti on something (do sidewalks count? I think yes. And by graffiti I mean like chalk of course…)
  9. Go to that revolving tower thing in Dallas with my boyfriend. (They have those Day & Night passes and we’re both terrified of heights, so obviously we have to go)
  10. Go sing karaoke sometime 

    I know that these aren’t really Wild N’ Out but I love taking adventures. My boyfriend and I want to travel a lot this summer. Experience the world around us and slowly branch out. I’d also love to share these new things with you guys, and all the fashion, beauty, adulting, art, and photography along the way!!! Hit me up with some of your summer plans. What are some things you and your friends have planned? I’d love you hear all about it. 

    Let’s recap in the fall and see how much I’ve actually accomplished. Thanks for reading and wish me luck!! 

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