Style Evolution 

Fashion changes all the time. What’s in now will be gone and forgotten in a few weeks. Before long we’ll be saying “Oh my God remember when we wore chokers and fishnets under our jeans?” Just to see our kids doing it later in life.

Trends change all the time, so there’s no reason why you’re personal style can’t change as well. 

If you’ve been following this blog, my snapchat, or instagram, you would know that my style changes day by day. 

From downtown grunge-ish moody teen girl

To sweet and simple uptown funk sophisticate 

And lazy day threw-this-on galore. 

In high school, (or movie depicting what high school should be like) a person with a certain personality should dress relatively the same everyday. And that’s cool and all if that’s you. But don’t feel intimidated into fitting a mold. 

I know a lot of times my friends would say “I wish I could wear a dress to school, but I don’t feel like I can” or something along those lines. And I would always tell them the same thing. DO IT!! Have no fear. Don’t worry about what people think. I know that’s easier said than done. There have been many times I’ve questioned myself before leaving the house. There would be mornings where I’d try on 5 different outfits. 

I’ve gone to school in some wild things before. I used to paint on my clothes-which was weird for some people I guess but who cares??-I would wear ponchos, long dresses, anything I felt like wearing. And I would feel great doing it. And one day I’d look girly and the next I would go to school wearing my brother’s clothes. 

Every now and then, I see an Instagram photo and wish I could dress like that. I’ll watch a YouTube video and think “man, I wish I had that sense of style”. But that kind of thinking doesn’t last long. The next morning, I pick out whatever makes me feel amazing.

It’s great to draw inspiration from people. It’s amazing to share styling tips and clothes. It’s okay to change up your clothing. It’s okay to have fun. That’s what fashion is all about. Don’t worry about venturing into new things. Buy that crop top, or that floral dress, or that killer moto jacket and walk that sidewalk. Love yourself. Change it up.

I used to wear band tees and skinny jeans. I’d never wear the color red. And sweatpants were the most horrible offense you could make. That’s all changed. And thank goodness I stopped being so closed minded. 

And another thing. Don’t be afraid to be labeled things. Sometimes people will say things like “I don’t want them to think I’m goth” or “I’m not usually this girly” and things like that. Don’t be afraid. You can be anything and everything you love. Thanks for reading. I got some new summer trends and things in mind. So be ready for this blog to be full of all kinds of warm weather related things even more so than it is already. 

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