My New Healthy Self

Recently my boyfriend and I have been talking about getting more into shape. We want to eat better and exercise more, without giving up a lot of food or activities we already take part in. 

Let me rephrase that: we want to be fit without being very very fit. 

One year in high school, I would exercise every morning before school. And I would bring salads everyday for lunch. And that was before my “coffee nearly everyday” obsession. Life got busy, and I stopped exercising, taking my food intake seriously, and doing anything to stay awake during class. 

But life has slowed down due to school being out for the summer and a job with a predictable schedule, I’m trying to get back on my feet with taking care of my body. My boyfriend and I are taking this journey together, encouraging each other to exercise and eat better. 

Since we don’t want to give up our leisure lifestyle, I think it would be best to do a little exercising every morning (or whenever my body decides to wake up). I like to do crunches and planks, and my boyfriend likes to do pull ups and push ups. And as far as eating goes, I want to start eating better for lunch, and being more open minded for dinner. For my boyfriend, he wants it to be the other way around. More open minded for lunch, healthier for dinner. 

I’m also trying to limit my coffee, milkshake, and sugary drink intake more often. Sugary drinks are my weakness, so this will be a big step for me. Seeing as I work at a coffee shop now, it makes it so easy to indulge in an unhealthy drink very often. But now I’m making myself have a healthy drink, like smoothie or juice, for every unhealthy drink I have. Hopefully that will work.

We want to eat better food, or really just balance out our diet. We want to eat more sushi, we both love salad, and we really enjoy cooking. The eating part I’m not too worried about, it’s more of keeping up the exercising. Today I actually made myself because my boyfriend exercised yesterday so I was like “okkayyyyy I should”. 

Another way I want to start being more healthy is by reading more and being creative. I love learning, and I feel like there is always something to learn from everything there is to read, watch, or listen to. My friends and I are trying to start a bookclub, to get me more educated and smart. I also watch Netflix All. The. Time. I do it because it’s fun but also to learn you guys. I’m educated myself in front of the TV. Maybe I should start doing crunches whole watching Netflix. Sounds like a plan to me. 

With Summer coming up, I’ll have more free time to invest in my personal wellbeing. I’m looking forward to it. 

Thanks for reading. If you have any ideas on how to better yourself and your life this summer, let me know. I love hearing from y’all. Be safe out there. Hopefully, I’ll have more clothing to show you soon. 


Emma Katy

May Ipsy Unboxing

I’ve been sharing with y’all the goodies I get from my monthly subscription to Ipsy. This month was not a disappointment. I received a very nice variety of stuff, and am so excited to try these out. 

The first thing I want to talk about is this absolutely adorable makeup bag. I love love love this bag so much. The first thing everyone usually learns about me is I have a crazy (and perhaps extremely unhealthy) obsession with ice cream. When I pulled this bag out if my Ipsy package, I chuckled. This bag is perfect for summer and summer supplies. I love how it’s transparent also. 

This next thing is ehh. It’s a brow sculpting kit. My very first brow sculpting kit is exactly like this one. Same shape, same colors, same design. Mine is from Rimmel, and it also has a tiny spoily brush. I will not be using this, simply because I pretty much own a better version,  regardless of which came first. 

This next thing is nice. I love the packaging and colors, and I actually forgot to take a picture of the actual eyeshadow colors… yeah. Sorry I’m a failure. But basically they’re all neutrals. They aren’t matte, they are like a shimmery type. I haven’t tried the colors out yet, but honestly they look pretty cheap. The colors are great for everyday wear, which is perfect for summer. 

I love the names of the shades as well. You wouldn’t think that matters but it really does. There’s a difference between answering the question of “what are you wearing?” With “oh I’m wearing the shadow skinny dip” versus “color 143”. Much more pizazz. And also who can forget, this palette is vegan and cruelty free!!! I always appreciate that. 

Now we have this lotion. I tried to upload a vertical picture but my phone refused so we are left with this one. I have heard of Hempz lotions before but don’t think I have ever used them. I’m really excited for this lotion because I’m the kind if person that will be in the candle isle, shampoo isle, and yes lotion isle, and stay smelling all of them. Pomegranate is always a win. I don’t use lotions very often, but I love the size and shape of this one. 

Next is this brush. Okay y’all remember that ugly little unicorn brush I got right from my last unboxing? Well I don’t know if Ipsy read my post or what because they sent me a similar brush but a much, much better version. I love the colors of this brush, the bristles are soft and the firmness of them is great. I’m super excited to use this. 

Last but not least we have this Urban Decay highlighter in Sin. It’s a champagne highlight, which is hands down my fav. I know this is sample, but I’m personally offended by how small this is. I love the packaging of this too, as most Urban Decay products, and definitely satsified. I think I will be a sucker, purchasing the actual full size one. Ipsy has gotten me hooked on a few things, and I think this will be another. 

I hope y’all enjoyed this and found some products you may want to try! Thank you for reading. Have a good rest of your Wednesday. I’m thinking about doing a product review soon so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. 


Emma Katy

Summer Wishlist

This summer, my wardrobe is definitely in for a makeover. I got rid of A BUNCH of clothing leaving lots of free space for new and adventurous clothing. I thought I would compile together a few things that I’m really wanting this summer season. So let’s get into it!

I’ve been looking for one piece bathing suits for a while and we all know that Zaful can always hook you up. This bathing suit above, with the simple silhouette and mesh detailing looks straight off the Pacsun website. I love the mesh at the collar and down the sides. And before or after swimming I can see this paired with my red track shorts and ugh, that is a LOOK.

Another one piece I’m obsessed with. I love the cut out back and sides, the lace up detail and really just the print itself is such a selling point. And again, this looks like such a high end piece but is so affordable. Another must have. 

So Rompers were really in last year, and I see then making a come back this year. I love how men, more so than before, are also jumping into the trend. I love the colors and designs in this. It is like a rainbow on the ground. So cute for summer. 

Isn’t this top to die for? It’s embroidery, which y’all know I’m down for, but it’s yellow?? There’s a white version, but I love this yellow one. Since when? First red, now yellow. I think this top would be so cute with high waisted shorts. 

Okay, the price of this shirt is wow. Ridiculous. But it’s Tommy. And I love it so much. No telling if I will actually bite the bullet for this shirt and drain my bank account. I’ll have to scavenge through some thrift stores first for it just to be sure I don’t skip any deals. 

If I bought this romper, along with the other in this post, I’d have 3 cover up rompers. And I’m so cool with that. I have a 3rd one that I want to show yall, and trust me, it’s so adorable. 

I kept looking at the dresses when I was online shopping but I was more drawn to the rompers, which was the exact opposite of how I was last year. Just proof your style can change and not to force anything. 

These are a few things that I really really want this summer, or similar multiple clothing articles. Thanks for reading!! 


Emma Katy