Fashion Sketches

Inspiration struck me one late night. I spent probably an hour and a half just thinking and thinking. I was thinking about my future, mostly my career, and how I planned on getting there. 

This blog has changed my life pretty dramatically. Before I was thinking of going into graphic design to do commercial advertising. Now I’ve gone a different route, changing my major to business so I can hopefully turn this blog into a pretty good job and develop my career in fashion. 

So every now and then late at night, restless inspiration and motivation will hit me like a lightning bolt. I’m up when I should be fast asleep just on the floor painting, drawing, and creating like how I used to be. So I wanted to share some of those creations with you all. And maybe we can watch these dreams of mine become reality.

This one is kind of hard to read due to the lighting but in big bold letters it reads “Fully Capable of Everything”. I see this phrase on the back of a jean jacket or black moto jacket with bandana patchwork. I drew inspiration from the bandana and think it would be a fun new way to incorporate pattern, color, and text into a fashion staple.

Next we have this pretty girly, totally fun design. I used watercolor pencils to design this look. It’s a high neck, scoop back crop top with a high waisted skirt. The point of this look is to feel weightless. The sleeves fan out in a way that reminds me of a butterfly. I think this look is perfect for Spring fashion taking into consideration the color scheme and overall feel. The top is unlike any other I’ve ever seen, which I’m totally excited about. 

This last one I really like. It’s called the “Boss Ass Bitch” collection. Basically, it’s a few different articles of clothing to make a girl feel powerful or even kind of bitchy I guess. I used a lot of red and also a checkered pattern duck tape to tie in the vibe of these clothes. The shoes are by far my favorite, taking inspiration from Vans, these shoes have “pucker up” written across the sole because the girls it’s designed for are not afraid to kick ass. The crop top reading “As If” is obviously inspired by the movie Clueless. Also, I drew in a choker with a money symbol. I notice a lot of boy’s clothes have money symbols but not that many girl’s clothes do. 

So yes, that’s what I’ve created so far. I love fashion sketching, and I think going with this scrap book technique is totally my way to go. Sometimes I want to draw ideas based on the materials, and then sometimes base materials off of my drawings. Let me know what you think of my creations! Thanks, as always, for reading. Check back on Monday for some more warm summer looks. 


Emma Katy

April Ipsy Unboxing

Alrighty, so I got another Ipsy package this month and it’s time to share with you lovely readers what I got. This package I’m a little ehhhhhhh about, but you can decide for yourselves if these month’s box is yay or nay. 

Every package comes with a little makeup bag. I like this idea, but I also find it quite useless because I don’t need so many little bags. I DO adore this month’s bag though. It’s in the shape of an admintions ticket. I think that’s so cute. This first thing is a yay from me. I absolutely love the coral color, the font, and especially the material. It’s like a sturdy leather that seems pretty liquid resistant. As soon as I figure out a use for this bag, I will use it.

This next cute little bottle that looks like it came from a hotel bathroom is a face toner. It’s made in Italy, so that’s pretty cool and it smells kind of like chocolate. Now, I’m kind of picky about what products I put on my face and since I’m already having breakouts from stress, I’ve decided not to use this product yet. I think I may try using it to dampen my eye shadows that tend to be kind of stubborn, but I don’t know. This product is just a ? for me right now.

Here we have another lip care product, and I really can’t get enough of these so I’m down for more and more. The packaging of this product reminds me a lot of Glossier packaging because it is sleek and simple. I like the applicator, but I don’t see much of a difference between this product and any other you could find at the drug store. I think this is a yay though.

This next thing is a nail polish or nail “lacquer”. I haven’t tried this yet but right off the bat this is a nay. The reasons why are because 1) I already have a TON of nail polishes. 2) I have at least 3 polishes in this exact shade. And 3) getting nail polish when you’re expecting face makeup is kind of underwhelming. However, none of these reasons are Ipsy’s fault, and none of these have to do with the actual product itself. 

I’ve used so many different polishes from many different brands, and so many claim to be chip resistant and blah blah blah. My hopes for this one being any different from other nail polishes doesn’t exist frankly. I do appreciate the variety of colors in this package though. We went from coral, to yellow, to a blue already. 

Next we have a loose powder highlight. I’m super excited to use this because I think it will be gorgeous in my inner eyes, on top of eyeshadow, or to dust on my cupid’s bow. I couldn’t get a very good picture of the actual product because it is kind of messy, but very very sparkly. Its a beautiful champagne color. This is a yay. 

And lastly we have this:

I haven’t even taken it out of the wrapper. I am never going to use this. Okay I get it. Unicorns! wow, cute, awesome. No. Not this. The handle has this cartoony rainbows and unicorn sticker material. This brush all around looks cheap and childish. There may be others out there that LOVE this. Those people are probably way more fun than me, but when I pulled this out of my Ipsy package I was horribly surprised. Luck of the draw I guess. The only thing I like about this brush is how the bristles go from white to a soft pink. However I could get the same thing from a Wet n Wild brush collection without the little unicorns staring up at me. Define nay, no way. 

Overall, I would say that Ipsy is still a good investment for trying new things. I’m still going to stay subscribed, and I understand it’s a gamble every month. The only thing is that I am going to need more space if I keep getting all these products. One thing I do love about Ipsy is the variety of types of products you get. Thank you for reading, and have a good day!!!

Bananas for Bandanas 

All of the sudden I’m like loving accesories? I don’t know what it is. Is it because it’s hard to layer things due to the heat? Is it because I’m growing and changing? The answer evades me. But all I know for sure is I’m loving belts, high socks, and BANDANAS. 

So I styled too different looks for y’all featuring some bandanas that were literally a dollar each at Walmart to show you some fun ways to incorporate bandanas into your wardrobe.

So this first outfit is for when you’re feeling like a delicate flower but one of those Venus fly traps at the same time? The soft pink shirt, super comfy shorts, and the white bandana as a necklace is easy to put together  The shirt at the collar says “Girls Bite Back” in the most subtle of ways. It’s from H&M. The shorts are from forever ago from Hollister, as seen in my Spring lookbook. I love this for summer. Instead of only wearing a t-shirt and shorts, you’re really mixing patterns and ditching the choker for a western vibe. Very chic.

Next one!!

This one was my favorite. You may recognize this top from my 2020 Ave haul. I went to tuck it into my shorts from H&M, and I saw the slit in the shirt. And then I had an amazing idea. Tie it in a knot. Genius. Hello! Whoa. I love myself sometimes. The purple bandana just brings the whole thing together. And before you ask if I purposely picked 4 pictures with my head all turned the same way. No. No I did not. It’s my good side I guess. This look is meant to take you anywhere. Shopping. Brunch. Lunch. Concert. Wherever. The bandana keeps your hair out of your face and the outfit makes you feel great. I love the pop of color in this monochromatic look. How stunning! Let me know if you would like me to start linking products down below to create these looks yourselves and I will definitely provide for y’all. 

As always thank you for reading. I hope you found some inspo from these looks and come again soon!! I have an Ipsy unboxing coming for y’all, so check back in for that.