How to: Whiten Shoes

Hello my beautiful readers. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of white shoes that are actually white. The white sneakers trend is going insane lately. People are pairing them with dresses, pants, shorts EVERYTHING. I love my new white sneakers from Rue 21, but they get dirty so easily. 

When I was in high school, it seemed like the boys were so obsessed with keeping their shoes clean. I never understood it at the time until I got myself a pair of gorgeous white K-Swiss sneakers with five gold stripes. I loved those shoes and scorned anyone who dare step close to them. And now with these white shoes, its become extremely important for me to keep them clean. 

So, I know there are plenty of hacks and tricks out there that are cheap ways to whiten your shoes, but not all those tips can be used on the different materials that shoes are made of. 

This product pictured above “Shoe MGK”, is a shoe cleaner that is absolutely AMAZING. My brother invested in a little travel kit, which is above, (minus the rag to wipe off the shoes) which cost him about $18. That might seem pricey, but you can use this on suede, leather, canvas, vinyl, virtually all kinds of materials. 

All you have to do is dampen the brush and pour a little bit of product on and get to scrubbing! 

It is an easy process that is fast and simple. Having white shoes honestly makes me feel so much better. It is something to be proud of honestly. Actual white shoes can really elevate an outfit. 

Here’s a before and after:

You can definitely see the difference here. My shoes went from worn out to brand new. In my opinion, this product is awesome. Although the hacks might seem cheaper, and therefore better, you will want to consider the damage it could cause on your shoes. 

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A Visit to NOLA


An Overview of the City

New Orleans, Louisiana. My family and I are orginally from this area, but as life would have it, we’be moved away to a small town in Texas.

However, we visit all the time. Now that my brother and I are older, sometimes my parents will disappear home with only a phone call to let us know. But they decided to bring us along recently, to throw a very special birthday party for my dad.


That’s him washing my mom’s windshield. He has no idea I took this.

And that’s the back of parents’ head, laughing in the front seat to some inappropriate jokes. You can’t tell from this picture, but they’re deeply in love.

Here’s my cute grandparents, Maw Maw and Paw Paw. They raised my weirdo funny guy of a dad, and got a little emotional at how old their youngest son has become. Before we headed off back home, my grandma said to my dad “you got it good, man”. Cutest thing ever.

While we were down in New Orleans, I wanted to document everything we got to do and share with y’all, to give you a little taste of the French city.

Great Food from La Madeleine’s

First thing we did on Saturday was eat. We went to a place my mom loves called La Madeleine. My mom and I got the chicken ceasar salad, our favorite dish ever, and I got a little bowl of French Onion soup. (You can ask my boyfriend how much I LOVE French Onion soup. He’ll tell you).

Here’s me and my mom. And yes, that’s the shirt from my 2020ave haul. We spent the day with my cousin Megan and my Nanny, who’s real name is Denise. They helped us put together my dad’s party.

We also went shopping and grabbed some coffee.

I got this super cute T-shirt. You can check it out on my Twitter. There’s a link on my homepage.

The next day my cousin Megan and I spent the whole day together. Even though she was burdened by homework, she made some time for me.

We went and ate a place called Parrot Pete’s. Here’s what I got:

That my friends is ANOTHER ceasar salad, but this time it has crawfish on it. Only in the south. It was absolutely delicious. 

One of the best things about New Orleans is there is art everywhere. Little statues cover the ground, and people from New Orleans are proud of their origins.

Statue outside our restaurant 

After Brunch, and although there is art everywhere, I couldn’t get enough. So I made my family go to some art museums in the downtown area.

In this museum, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, featured southern artists and Southern themed subject matter.

The museum was 4 stories high, with all kinds of different styles. My whole family really enjoyed the whole experience. I hope to visit more museums soon.

Here is me, my brother Christian, and in the top picture, my beautiful cousin Megan.

They give you a little entrance sticker, and someone started the tradition to put your sticker on the street lamp. I marked my brother’s sticker with lipstick.

It was fun to visit my family and celebrate my dad’s birthday. I loved visiting the artistic aspects of the city I’m from. I hope to travel more soon and share my experiences with you all.

DIY Chokers

Chokers have been revived from the 90’s, along with many other trends. They are incredibly cute, and can elevate a simple outfit like you wouldn’t believe. 

There have been many different types of chokers come into light. There’s lace chokers, jem chokers, shoe lace chokers, thick, thin, you name it. A difficult problem is finding a choker thats different and cute. There might be all different types, but sometines it seems like every store carries the same ones. Another problem for me is that a lot of these chokers can be on the pricey side. For example I saw a choker for $15. That might not seem like a lot to fortunate people, but for little ole college girl like me, $15 is lunch for three days. 

So if you’re like me with a love of fashion and a sad little bank account, keep on reading! You’ve come to the right place. 

The first one I’m going to show you how to make is a very simple ribbon choker. 

You’re going to want to measure a little smaller than the actual length of your neck, because we’re going to be adding a clasp.

You’re going to grab about five of these little circle things and loop them together. This will create an adjustable feature to your choker. 

Once you have the circles linked, and the clasp ready, all that’s left to do is glue them to the ends of the ribbon. 

I like to use this Tacky glue. It’s especially made for jewelry making. All of these tools can be found at a craft store, such as Hobby Lobby. 

I really like the thickness of this choker. It’s super chic and easy to make. 

This mesh one was made the same way. It’s by far my favorite. These were super cheap, super fast, and can be done with almost any ribbon. 

This next one I’m going to show you is fast, and requires even less materials. 

You’re going to need charms and these thin chains. You can get about yard of the chain. You’re going to measure just a little but longer than you’re actual neck length, to insure you don’t choke, regardless of the name. 

I used a little piano charm for this necklace. It hangs a little looser around you’re neck. All you have to do is add your charms and that’s literally it. Although it seems way too easy, it comes out stunningly unique. I have no idea why more people aren’t doing this. 

Those are the two I wanted to show you. I love making jewelry and playing around with it, and I thought these were so trendy. 

I’m hoping to start selling these soon. If you’re interested in that, please let me know. I’ll keep you posted if I ever develop an inventory. 

Thank you so much for reading. A lot of DIY’s I’ve seen require many materials that are expensive, so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.