Hair Care

Okay, so I’ve wanted to be blonde for a long time now, and I finally decided to bite the bullet and try it out. I’m so happy with my new hair!! However, there are lots to do to take care of your hair, whether your planning on going blonde or just nourishing your dark beautiful locks! Down below are some things I did to get my hair super healthy and keep it that way.

The first and foremost trick is to simply watch how often you wash your hair. Yes, you are still supposed to bathe, but sometimes it’s better to wait to wash your hair. I find that the best amount of time for me to wait is about 3-4 days. The reason for this is that the oils are naturally good for strengthing your hair. I’ve experienced this first hand with my hair. It adds a soft feeling to your strands but also helping stop damage. Although the look of your hair may stop being appealing, there’s plenty of hairstyles out there to help you utilize that greasy hair or hide it.

Secondly, it is important to know good products to use in your hair and when to use them. For me, one of my favorite products to use is a Red-E leave in conditioner.

This one above I’ve been using for awhile now. I sprints a little bit in my hair while it’s damp after I wash it. This helps protect your hair from heat, and keep moisture in your hair.

It is also important to know what kind of hair you have, and what kind of proteins are good for it. I have very oily hair, so I don’t need extreme moisturizers. But I did find my ends brittle from dead ends and breakage, so I decided to invest in a good conditioner.

I LOVE this conditioner above. The keratin and argan oil is amazing for my hair. This is a nice quality product that has been very effective. I absolutely love this and see myself using this for a very long time.

It is also helpful to avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet, using too many chemicals, and applying heat to your hair on a regular basis.

I hope this post was hopeful! If you’re this thinking of making a big change with your hair, I encourage you to go for it. It’s always fixable if you end up not liking it, but it’s better to know instead of wonder.

Styling Tips 


A really important part of fashion is knowing how to style your clothes and finding unique versatile pieces to mix and match. This technique will give your outfits a strong dose of your beautiful personality which is what fashion is really all about.

In this blog post I wanted to show you 2 pieces that were easy to find, fun to style, with 2 seperate looks. The 2 pieces are my black thin material button down shirt and my heeled faux leather boots.




For this first look, I used the same dress for my post “Button Down Beauty”, the black shirt overtop, and my purple boots. This is a very simple look that’s easy to create but fun to prance around in.

The second look is another dress, but this one is a high neck ribbed grey fit and flare dress. This look, although undoubtedly similar to the first, differs in mood and tone. Whereas the first look is playful, this look is very serious and brings a whole new vibe to the table.




Adding simple accessories like a belt or high socks, or lightweight clothing pieces such as a jacket or tights can add a lot to one outfit to help you stand out in a crowd. The button down changes the look from being just of a dress, and the boots add sophistication to the overall look.

1st look dress: Forever 21

2nd look dress: Urban Outfitters 

Photographer: William Wolfe @

CHECK OUT OUR BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO!!! William Wolfe Photography on YouTube to see how we took these pictures, their locations, and the equipment used! 

Nifty Thrifty

Okay so as promised in last Friday’s post, today I will be showing you the items I got thrifting with a really cool friend of mine.

This sweater above is sooooo cozy and comfy. It fits like a sweater dress, but it’s actually a few sizes too big, so for my outfit, I rolled up the sleeves. It is a thick knit, with light grey, dark grey, and white thread. It sinches at the bottom and wrists. My absolute favorite part is the buttons by the neck.

This shirt is so beautiful. I absolutely love this print, reflecting back to the Dark Florals I showed you in a few posts back. These colors scream fall to me. It’s a soft material, long sleeve shirt, that fits a little snug but isnt uncomfortable. I matched with with my highwaisted destroyed mom/boyfriend jeans and the look was killer. This was definitely a good find.

Moving right along, this sweater is cute and chic. It’s also a thick knit, with grey, white, and a hint of blue threading. It’s a high neckline and long loose sleeves. I love the feel of this material. It should keep me warm throughout these early months of winter. I could pair with a nice Khaki jean pant and black or maroon boot.

This next sweater, ugh so dusty rose and simple, I love it. The BEST part is the neckline. Here’s a close up:

How adorable is that?! It is such a small feature but makes a big difference. This nice pattern also circles the wrists. It’s unbelievable how soft this sweater is. I can see this sweater with a light wash jean, white jeans, or even a cute skirt.

Last but not least we have this super huge, super grunge, and super autumn button down shirt. (Didn’t I tell you button downs are in and totally easy to find!!?)

This shirt fits like a dress on me and is great for those oh-so-often lazy days. I’m obsessed with these colors and think this will look so cute over pants/leggings, a dress, or matched with thigh high boots.

That’s everything I got at my local thrift store spending only $20!!! I also picked up a completely random CD because the cover art was really cute. Anyways, I’m super excited to style these clothes and photograph in them. I hope this inspires you to save a few bucks while also supporting your local stores.

PSA: Considering that this is Thanksgiving week, I won’t be posting this Wednesday and Friday. However, I am starting a Care series in my beauty posts. Everyone have a safe and fun Thanksgiving!!!

Please feel free to comment any ideas you would like to see from me. Thank you so much for reading. It really does mean the world to me.