Dark Flora Mi Amora

Floral prints are always in. Floral dresses, floral bomber jackets, and even floral boots have been an ongoing fashion piece that can be elegant or girly, but overall very pretty. And I don’t know about you guys but I feel so out of place wearing pinks when the autumn leaves are orange and brown. 

This year somehow I found this glorious discovery of this dress above. It is a floral pattern, but there is also a paisley print in there too. 

For this look, since this dress is a slip dress I decided to try out the whole “white t shirt under slip dress” trend that is coming up again from the past, but in my version I used a V-neck shirt which I actually really like. It is pretty short, and also to keep warm I added these ribbed leggings and nude boots. 

Look at that print, is it not one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?

Now if you aren’t already in love with these dark florals, or oranges and brown don’t appeal to you then here’s another example. 

The dress above has it all, the bell sleeves, the mock neck, the length, and the PRINT. Oh my gosh, this print is so beautiful and bold. I actually found this all by its lonesome at a T.J. Maxx. 

This dress is also perfect for the fall time because it is a standout piece while everyone else is hiding under their scarves and beanies (there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m not the kind of girl to blend in). 

For these looks I kept the same ribbed tights for both of them and the same nude booties but this purple-ish dress would look stunning with black boots or perhaps even flats. These dresses are perfect for those days when you just want to throw something on. 

If you like these outfits and want to try them out for yourself there are some links down below: 

Purple-ish dress:

This link is to something similar. The brand to my dress is love FIRE so hopefully you can find this dress somewhere knowing the brand name. 

Orange and Brown slip dress:
Here are 2 links to similar dresses. One is similar is its color and the other is similar in its style. This dress I have is no longer available, but it is from American Eagle Outfitters so maybe it will become available again soon.

Similar in color:

Similar in style: (and on sale)
I hope you enjoyed these looks. I had a lot of fun with these outfits and I hope they inspire you to try something new! 

Lushy Cosmos 

Every beauty blogger has heard of the most wonderful brand Lush Cosmetics. They offer a variety of products, but my favorite is the bath bomb. 

The above picture contains all the current bath bombs I own, and I’m hoping to stock up on my collection. They’re bath bombs are famous for having absolutely stunning color, leaving your skin feeling beautiful, and being cute and creative. They have many different bath bombs, but they’re seasonal and holiday bath bombs are to live for! 

The best thing about this company is that they are completely vegan and cruelty free. That means that they use no animals for their products or testing, which I think is AMAZING!

Down below are two videos displaying the bath bombs. 


This bath bomb makes your skin feel soft and smooth. All of Lush bath bombs run between 5-10 dollars and is usually shipped within 2 weeks. 

This next bath bomb is called Autumn Leaf. I’m not sure if this one is still available because their Christmas collection has come out, but it is beautiful if you ever have the opportunity I definitely recommend picking it up. 

Autumn Leaf: 

(The songs used in these videos is Somebody Else by 1975. I do not the music or its content.) 

I’ve started a basket to encourage me to pick up more Lush bath bombs. Once you try this brand, it’s extremely hard to break free. But there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself a little bit. You deserve it! 

The picture above contains the bath bombs Mistletoe and Monster (a part of the holiday collection), and Northern Lights which I’m super excited about. All of these products can be found on the Lush website. Please be sure to email customer service letting them know I sent you there if you do decide to try out this great humane company. 

Thanks to everyone that read this post! It means so much to me. Leave a like or comment; feedback is very important. 

(Let me know if these videos worked)

Autumn Eyes

The fall season is far from over. There is still plenty of time to carve pumpkins, roast pumpkin seeds, rake up leaves, and explore new trends. 

Today we’re talking about makeup. Just like dark lipsticks are taking over Instagram, purples, browns, reds, and oranges are coating eyelids. And beautifully so. My current favorite palette for this fall season is the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette 

That packaging is just gorgeous right? The contents within are even better. 

Don’t these colors just scream fall??! These shades are wonderful for transitioning shades, deepening shades, and highlighting shades. This palette is completely matte, and these shades are very pigmented. The down side is this palette is pretty pricey. You can find it at Sephora for $45-$50. 

There is also another palette that I’ve been enjoying lately that is affordable and easy to find. 

This is the NYC Madrid palette in the Envie DE Voyager collection. The packaging is also super cute, and as you can see it is only $15. 

This palette contains shimmery and matte colors, which I’m loving! I’m obsessed with the gold shimmer and dusty rose shimmer. They look really pretty with neutral colors. Another great thing about this palette is it even comes with the perfect little Lippie!! What a great surprise. this one comes with a dark red that I’ve yet to try.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, fall is a wonderful season to play with colors and trends. I think these palettes are perfect for just that! You can use these colors from day to night, work to date. 

Thank you so much. please leave a comment or like! I would really appreciate it.