The Future is Female

The Future is Female

Is anyone else noticing all this girl power out here lately? I mean, we are really blooming ladies, and it’s quite the sight to see. I love supporting my fellow female artists in their endeavors and getting inspiration from them. Today, we’re going to be talking about some beautiful, smart, and creative women, and what they’re up to. A little while ago I wrote a post about getting inspired, and wrote about some other bloggers and Youtubers in that post. I’ll link it here, for those of you that are interested.


Kailee Morgue:

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I’ve been following Kailee for a long time. I found her covers on Twitter, and it’s been quite interesting watching her grow over time. She recently was signed, which is really amazing news! She showcased a little snippet of her song “Medusa” on Twitter (forever ago), and ever since then we’ve all been anxiously waiting for it’s release. The song has been completed, and I just wanted to share this piece of art with you all. Click the image above to take you to “Medusa”, the captivating lyric video.

Charlotte Cardin:

You’ve heard of Lana Del Rey. You’ve obsessed over Lorde. Now, get ready for Charlotte Cardin!!!!

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Charlotte Cardin is a canadian artist. She’s 22 years old, and her voice packs a nostalgic punch. Her vocals take me all the way back to the 20’s, as if I lived there once. Her music is a mix between Jazz, Pop, and Electro. She releases music in both English and French. I love the way she uses her voice. She has a unique sound, and her lyrics are insanely poetic. My favorite songs of hers are Dirty Dirty, Big Boy, and The Kids. If you’re ever in a mood, put on Charlotte Cardin and get lost in your emotions.

Billie Eilish:

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15!!!!! This honey bee is FIFTEEN YEARS OLD!!! I didn’t know this until 5 seconds ago and I’ve been geeking out about her album all morning. That just makes everything I’ve heard so far so much more impressive. She’s so honest. She’s so brutal. I love this young artist and I’m excited for her future. I know she has a lot of growing to do. Like, she’s amazing, no doubt. But she still has a lot of learning and polishing, which means there’s a lot to expect from her. Catching an artist in this stage is really hard, and I’m excited to see her blossom. Keep your eye on Billie. She’s not going anywhere, except all the way to the top.


Hannah Louise

Hannah Louise is a fashion blogger who dabbles into lifestyle and all other kinds of things. She has this bright red hair I love. I found her on Instagram. Her feed is full of colors. I absolutely love how she plays with colors and silhouettes. She asked in her About page to not use her pictures without asking, so I don’t want to infringe on her request. If you’re into the city girl vibe, definitely check out her website. She has an upscale chic with a downtown play persona that only she possesses. Hannah Louise definitely knows who she is, and that kind of self awareness is really inspiring.



I found Mostly Morgan on Youtube. She’s a fashion, travel, and lifestyle blog. What I love most about her is how she is very transparent about her blogging career. She doesn’t mind sharing her own personal tips and tricks about how she got where she is today. She’s 22 years old. She built her blog her freshman year of her college career. She has been blogging for 3 years and she now does it full time. She’s basically exactly what I want to be in the near future. So I thought I’d share her, her story, and how she’s living proof that my dream is possible. I can visualize it through her.

Kelsey Simone 

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Kelsey Simone is the definition of Bad and Boujee if I ever did see it. She constantly hands out tips on being a bad b*tch on a budget (always helping out her fellow female). She has the best personality. I love watching her videos because she is just adorable. I wish I knew her in real life. I’ve been watching her on Youtube for awhile, but it’s awesome to see she has a blog as well. She is also a dream come true to me. She’s really come a long way. It’s nice because you can see how much work she puts into all her videos and her blog.

I’ve just been really trying to surround myself with inspirational characters. At times, it can be easy to look at other people’s success and get discouraged. I tend to sink into this pit of “Oh, I’ll never have that.” or start to feel really negative about the person I’m watching. But truly, this only turns that negativity back into my work.

A honest example of this is some time ago, recently, I was watching Kelsey Simone. She was doing an unboxing of the PR gifts she received from beauty companies. I started to feel jealous, because obviously it would be amazing to have random makeup delivered to your door for free. I started to think about my work, and how I wished that was me. But then, I realized that Kelsey has been working at this for a long time. She’s works very hard in all the things she makes for her viewers and readers. It would be a shame if her talent wasn’t noticed. And I thought to myself “She deserves it”. Ever since then, it’s been easier for me to look at others as inspiration instead of competition. We’re all out here just trying to live our best lives. Seeing these powerful and beautiful girl bosses flooding the music, the internet, and Youtube industries just really feels my heart with hope.

Thank you for reading this post and making it all the way to the end. Please, please, PLEASE check out some of these women. They really do some incredible things and deserve the praise. This post is completely unsponsored and written from the heart. I’ve been following these women for a little time now and am so proud to have found them.

That’s all for now folks. See you again on Monday for some fashion. Don’t miss it!!

Bullet Journal: October Flip Through

Bullet Journal: October Flip Through

For those of you who haven’t discovered the world of bullet journaling, I am more than happy to introduce you. Bullet journaling is for those who like to create their own rules, draw their own lines if you will (literally). Basically, the process of bullet journaling is to pick a notebook, get creative/ productive, and stick to it.

To start off, let me explain what bullet journaling is, along with what it consists of. The concept of creating your own bullet journal is that it is completely customizable to your needs. Do you ever find yourself with a new planner you’re excited to use, but then after two weeks you completely forget about it? And since you forgot about your planner, you forgot about all your deadlines, due dates, and events? Yeah, that was me. Before starting bullet journaling, I was a mess. Keeping up with important things was alright. It was the little stuff, little tasks or personal errands that I just couldn’t keep track of. With college starting back up, I knew I needed a way to remember all of my assignments. I also knew that regular planners simply never work for me.

I found bullet journaling on Youtube, as where you find most of the best things in life. I really liked the concept of creating a little book unique to you, your life, and the things you care about. I thought bullet journaling would give me a chance to really stay on top of all the things that needed to get done, while also staying creative. Being creative daily is really important to my well-being, even more so than I realized. So far, bullet journaling has overall been quite a success. Since it’s been doing so much to improve my life, I’d thought sharing it with you would be a fun way to get us all in the productive mood. I don’t know what it is about notebooks, pens, and stickers that make me feel like I’m really getting my life together, but I’m here for it.

(Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for the pictures. I meant to take them earlier but got stuck doing homework)

For our first time talking about bullet journaling, I wanted to show y’all my October spread. I really enjoyed the colors of this month, and looking at such a fall oriented theme everyday kept me festive. It was a fun way to embrace the season.

Now, I haven’t drawn in a really long time, so my doodles are a little rough. I got some stickers to help me fill the space. I used a gel pen, which ended up smearing a LOT more than I was hoping (learned that mistake). I also found this old coloring book that had a lot of leaves that fit the fall theme perfectly. I cut them out and pasted them in so I could color them whenever I felt like it.

Many times when people start their first bullet journal, as we watch the videos on Youtube, it is easy to get discouraged by the perfectionists. Many people have such great calligraphy and drawings, which is great for them! However, when you start trying to copy someone else, you find it doesn’t turn out how you like it because it isn’t yours. The beauty of this technique is to make it completely yours. Having fun is supposed to be a part of the process.

Here is my calendar spread. I really love how this turned out. Peep the tiny ghost on the bottom. I added the leaf stickers for an extra touch. I don’t have much on this calendar except for school assignments. I added the little “goals” section where the month ended, and my only goal this month was to save $250, which thankfully I was able to do!! Yay me.

The cool thing about bullet journaling to me is that you can create these unique trackers. For my first month trying this out, I decided to keep a mood tracker and an expense tracker. In order to track my moods, I was inspired to do this spread from a Youtuber I watched. I drew leaves all over the page, marked each one with 1-31 (days of this month) and designed a legend on the bottom to indicate what I was feeling that day. I usually don’t fill them out as the day ends because my moods change so much, that by the end of the night I could be feeling completely different. What’s been happening is I end up not filling this mood tracker out for about a week, and I have to think back to my overall moods. I kind of like this method because it makes me realize that I’m happier than I give myself credit for. Even if I consider a day bad at the time, about a week later I find a reason why that day was pretty awesome.

Beside that I have my expense tracker. Anyone that knows me understands that money is important to me (just like everyone else). Every time I read an article about saving money, they always advise writing down what you are consuming. I wanted to really put this theory to the test. Here I circled every time I bought food, which made me realize how I’m wasting money on fast food. I think I have more to fill out on this tracker as well, but after seeing this list I actually cut back on spending a ton. Every time I go to buy something I now think, “if i buy this, I have to write in my journal”. Shame overcomes me. I decide I don’t need it. It works. I recommend it.

Up above we have the weekly spread I created. This is where bullet journaling became tricky. Weekly spreads are things that every person struggles with. It takes a little time to figure out what works best for you. This spread seemed great at first. I thought I had enough space. I even had some extra room to draw a little quote and picture. But it turns out I really didn’t like this too much. I’m still trying to figure out how I want November to look. Brainstorming is in the works.

Lastly, I put the last few days on the right side (YAYYY HALLOWEEN) and then on the right, I put a page dedicated to October memories where I’m gonna print out pictures to have in here. I have it empty because there’s still new memories to be made. I like having this in here because this is where I document all the work related/ school related/ and even social related things in my life. All the important stuff goes in this bullet journal, so it will be nice to go back and flip through old memories. If you decide to start a bullet journal, or you already have one, I definitely recommend adding a page like this in yours.

Bullet journaling is a great way to keep everything in line. If you’re scattered brained, you can make your own book how you like it, instead of trying to work around the straight lines someone else finds organized. You can literally make it look like however you like. My only warning is that it can be time consuming. It takes a while to draw out everything in advance. However, dedicating so much time for it makes you want to actually use it. Making a spread for a month only takes about one afternoon. If you are a creative person, it’s a fun way to get that artistic vibe going while still getting your life organized. It’s a guilt free pleasure even.

Thank you for reading. Maybe with enough bullet journaling, we can all get our stuff done. Share this with your friends and try it out for yourself.

How to: Get Inspired

How to: Get Inspired

Getting inspired is an important aspect for anyone. All of us have certain goals that we look to accomplish, but it’s easy to stray away or lose ideas. So today I want to talk to y’all about how I stay inspired. I go through slumps where it’s like no matter how hard I try, there just isn’t much to keep me going. Lately, this slump has subsided, and I plan on keeping it that way. So here’s my course of action to stay on top of my game, all day. And I want to share it with you. I hope it helps. You deserve it.

  1. Look for role models

One of my favorite ways of remembering why I work so hard on things I love to do is relating to people who do exactly that. I go on Youtube all the time and find certain Youtubers who talk about the things that interest me. It’s a good way to get new ideas, learn new things, and support someone else instead of constantly thinking about my own success. Here’s a list of Youtubers I love.

  • Kalyn Nicholson

Image result for kalyn nicholson

Isn’t she beautiful??? She is my most favorite inspiration right now. She does videos that relate to fashion, beauty, and her overall life. Her videos are very personal; she has a lot of “sit-down” style videos. Right now she is in the middle of participating in Youtober, which means she is uploading a new video every day this month. It’s quite honestly the best time of year. She has a video about getting inspired as well, which I’ll link here, so you can see her ideas. They may resonate significantly with you.

  • Kallie Kaiser

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Kallie Kaiser is an amazing fashion inspiration. She is extremely adventurous with her style. Kallie always says in her hauls that she usually goes for clothing that is unique and crazy. She has shoes with patches, jeans with a star seam on the butt, and many things I don’t always find cute, but definitely admire her out-going opinion. I did a post on her before saying she was a major style icon of mine, and that obviously remains true. Watching her put together pieces I wouldn’t normally consider makes me branch out and try something insane. She is like the definition of inspiration. Her haul videos are my absolute favorite. Here’s¬†her most recent.

  • Kathleen Lights

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Kathleen Lights is the perfect example of a Girl Boss. She has done so many collaborations; she’s a major influence in the beauty world. KL even has her own nail polish line, which is totally cruelty free. I love how her personality shines through in her videos. She even has adorable catch phrases that her fans repeat. She is an inspiration to me because she talks about her rise to success sometimes, saying how it took her awhile to get where she is. This kind of gives an insight that overnight success really doesn’t happen all the time even though it seems like it every now and again. She is a really sweet woman, and watching her grow educates me a lot. I admire her work, and how she is capable of learning from her mistakes. Click on her photo to watch a recent video of hers.

  • Luanna Perez

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I’ve been following Luanna’s blog since I was a freshman in high school. She was there to motivate me all through my 90’s grunge page, and no matter how much I grow up, I always find myself going back to her website. Recently, I discovered she has a Youtube channel which is awesome. I get to see inside the life of an idol of mine. She is like Kallie in the sense that they are completely different from anyone else. Luanna is the type of person to wear platform shoes with a sundress. She really inspired my imagination during high school. Now that I’ve grown up, I can really explore the creativity she played a part in providing in me. She made an amazing video on Back to School outfits. Click on the photo to redirect you!

2. Rearrange your life

People often don’t take into account the effect your environment has on your own confidence. When your room isn’t exactly how you like it, or it gets extremely cluttered, getting overwhelmed is almost guaranteed. I have a HUGE problem with collecting things and not being able to let things go. I basically dug my own hole. I was annoyed being in my room. It became a place I just slept instead of a place to create. However, when my aunt generously gave me furniture she no longer wanted, I was given the opportunity to reorganize my stuff and throw away even more things. This made me slow down to realize what I actually use, and get rid of the things I could give away or sell. I switched around how I had everything set up. Now I know where everything is. It’s a great way to find the supplies that give me inspiration.

3. Talking to friends and family about goals

I am lucky enough to have a very loving support system. My family always loves hearing about my plans for my future and what I’m up to. Vocalizing my goals helps me hold myself accountable to what I want to accomplish. Having people rooting for me makes me work even harder.

Dakota is a huge reason why I keep going. He always loves taking pictures with me. I talk to him all the time about my blog and he just listens and gives me his opinion. I trust his opinions because he honestly knows me so well. It’s gotten to the point where I will work on this blog and he’ll play his video games, just enjoying each other’s presence. We go on adventures all the time, which I love sharing with all of you. Without him, I would’ve gotten so discouraged and frustrated. He really has helped me get over my own insecurities.

I also have my loving family to talk to. I love discussing my hopes and dreams with my family. My cousin is another role model of mine. She’s independent, strong, and totally accomplishing her goals! I’m so proud of my cousin Megan, and knowing there’s someone I can catch up with all the time is reassuring in itself. I love you Meg!!!!!

My mom, dad, and brother also have my back at all times. They know what I’m capable of even more than I do. They know that I can do anything and everything I talk about doing. When I start getting overwhelmed about all my creative interests, my mom is always there to talk me out of stressing out over time management. She’s like a universal 8-ball. She knows the proper answer to everything. My dad is my own personal motivational speaker. If there’s anybody I need to get me back into my kick-ass mood, it’s him. And my brother is kind of like a built in best friend/ therapist. Any worries at all, one talk to him is my go-to cure. Once you have yourself a support system, honestly anything is possible. I also have coworkers (Lametria and LaSandra, I’m talking about you) and friends (Hailey you deserve a standing ovation), that constantly give me speeches and talks. I’d be no where without your guidance and enthusiasm.

4. Motivating yourself

I can hear your thoughts. You’re thinking “okay Emma, easier said than done”. I don’t disagree with you. Earlier in this post I mentioned how I get discouraged. This happens everyday. It may not seem like it, but I do put an insane amount of pressure on myself. In the morning, I wake up and say “I’m gonna get through the day!” I walk to my car after class and think “Alrighty, what to accomplish next?” I’m pretty much constantly talking to myself at every single time of the day, even though that may seem kind of weird. But honestly, if I don’t, I get really down on myself.

Pushing yourself through your failures is a part of life. This is something I’m trying to learn. Every time I mess up, I just start beating myself up. This is toxic. Would I be friends with someone that said, “Of course you failed”, or “if you can’t do something as simple as that, how will you be able to accomplish what matters”? No, I would never be friends with someone who put me down so bad. So why am I not my own best friend? That’s something I’m working on, and I feel like everyone should.

5. Don’t forget to pray

Some of you may not be religious people, which to each their own. However, I know that everything I’m being blessed with lately is completely given to me by God’s grace. When I start ignoring His voice, I find myself faltering. It’s when I completely trust Him with all situations, everything turns out just fine. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll be stressing about something so much and then all the sudden I just think to myself “Okay God, I’m tired of worrying about this. Take it. I don’t want it anymore.” If I catch my thoughts dwelling on the subject, I’ll shake the thought away to remind myself God is handling it. That’s basically all I can do at this point. Whenever I try taking over, I always fall flat. But when He has my trust, things turn out fantastic.

Image result for i can do all things through him who strengthens me

I really hope everyone finds something they can use in this post. I know videos and posts like these help get me through tough situations all the time. These tips are things I’ve been doing in my daily life to try to propel me forward. It’s unclear if the feeling is universal, but it would appear being in your early 20’s, (I’ll be 20 in February), is such a pressuring time. It’s like we all need to figure out here and now who we are. Seeing all these overnight successes can be daunting. But don’t worry. Everyone has their own unique path. We just have to walk it.

I hope I got you inspired. I love y’all.

Until next time,