Back to School (Winter) Haul

Back to School (Winter) Haul

I think one of my favorite parts of going to school is the urge to shop for it. In high school, it was a little harder to find clothes that fit the “norm” and to venture out of your comfort zone. Now that I’m in college though, and the new semester means new classes which therefore means new faces, and also it’s a new year, I get to do whatever I want. The beauty of being in college is getting to look cute with no one yelling at you about the dress code. I decided that I needed to splurge on myself for once and invest in some new things. I thought it’d be fun to share what I got.


I am using the same notebooks I did as last semester to save money. What I did was tape on a piece of paper telling me what subject that notebook was dedicated too. It was easy to remove, and now I have 5 used notebooks ready to be filled with knowledge. I did, however, get some fun books to read, as a nice break from college life.

As you know (from my resolutions post), I wanted to read more this year. I set a personal goal of reading 24 books this year and have so far read 4. Yesterday, Dakota and I went back to Barnes and Noble to pick up some more. For those of you who don’t know, I just started the Harry Potter series and I think it’s safe to call me obsessed. I picked up HP 2&3 and I also got a little poetry book for in-between.

Emily Dickinson book

I’ve heard a lot about Emily Dickinson’s work and figured I should read up on some of it. I found this cute little collection on sale. I’m already halfway through the second HP book, so I’m betting I’ll get to her poetry pretty quick.


For Christmas, I got some Sephora gift cards. I am not done with my makeup shopping yet because I still have an Ulta card I can use, but my Sephora cards went quickly.  I’m thinking I’ll use the Ulta cards for skincare products but I’m not sure yet.

Here’s what I got from Sephora:

The first thing I’m excited about is the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I FINALLY picked up this palette after months of waiting. It has been a lifetime, but here it is, fresh and ready to be used. I’m excited for these colors because I feel like they will work year around. They may even be useful for some Valentine looks (wink wink).

I also can’t wait to try out the ABH Brow Wiz. I hope its the right color because I was going to get a different shade and they were out of it. So this one is “dark brown”. I figure I can start with a light hand and work my way into using this product. I hear so many good things.

Next, I picked up this Tarte foundation. I know I’ve been talking endlessly about the SHape Tape concealer because I still have yet to use it, but this was the only Tarte concealer I could find. I don’t know if they were out, or I just wasn’t looking hard enough, I honestly don’t know. I used this concealer for the first time today and I liked it. I was difficult to blend out with a brush, so I will probably swap out my face expert brush for the Beauty Blender sponge my aunt got me. I think that will work better. I also think this concealer wears better than the Maybelline Fit Me concealer I was using.

I also thought I’d try out a different blush. I received a few Tarte blushes and I just honestly don’t care much for blush. I have a naturally flushed face, and I like to cover that up with concealer. So to me, it never made any sense for me to cover up my redness just to reapply it. However, I have a friend that once told me she found a beautiful NARS blush and loved it. I found this shade and decided it would look the most romantic on my cheeks. I hope I get good use out of it.

I made the decision that it was time to find a new everyday lip color. I usually stick to dark nudes because I feel they always look good, but I wanted to try something a little lighter. It’s hard for me to always venture out of my comfort zone with lip colors because they’re the most noticeable thing. My friend got me the shade “lolita” from Kat Von D awhile ago and I’ve loved it ever since. When I went to Sephora I found myself drawn to the Kat Von D section and figured “I like the first one so I’ll probably like the second one”. This is “lolita 2”. I haven’t tried it on yet so I hope it’s beautiful. Cross your fingers.

Perhaps the products I’m most thrilled over are the ones I got from Fenty Beauty. With my gift cards I figured I’d never have the money to try these out again so I should do it now. I got her matte skin stick in the shade fair. It’s a stick skin corrector that I used today as foundation. I usually always go for liquid foundations which is really stupid because I loathe liquid foundations. I applied this over the Tarte concealer and found a medium-sheer coverage. I liked this a lot. It’s going to be included in my makeup routine for sure.

The last makeup item I got was a Fenty Beauty lipstick. I got the shade “spanked” after watching Kathleen Lights talk about it. I tried it on today and although I thought it was gorgeous, I wasn’t feeling myself in it. I think it’s sort of bold lip color because personally avoid reds. I’m going to ease my way into this shade.


Considering school starts tomorrow I did some last minute online shopping today. I wanted to only buy from one store so I stuck to the trusty Forever 21. I didn’t get too insane with any statement pieces because all these purchases are designated for school right?


I got this super cute cropped sweater. I have a pair of high-waisted jeans already picked out to complete the look. This will be great for my those mornings I really don’t feel like getting too dressed up.



Next is this super simple striped collar shirt. It’s is again cropped and easily styled, which I like. I think a piece like this is great for pairing with statement pieces to tone done the look and create a balanced composition.


Next, I got both of these shirts because 1) I really like the button down detail, 2) they’re both basic AF and 3) they’ll look amazing with anything. I’m really into the basics right now, friends. Don’t judge me.


So I took a look at my cart and realized that everything I picked out was grey or black. I needed to add a pop of color. I’m really into warm tones so I found this cheap t-shirt. I think this will be nicely paired with some dark pants. I know that when school starts I feel less like putting intricate outfits together and more like being comfortable while I sit through 1-hour classes.


And Surprise!!! I bet you didn’t guess that the last thing in this haul was going to be grey! Well, it is. I have been desperately low on my supply of cardigans and I figured this neutral one would be perfect. It’s going to be cozy, soft, and comfy as I try not to fall asleep during accounting.

Along with these clothes, I also bought 3 pairs of classic black leggings. Leggings are good to wear under jeans for that extra layer of warmth so I will definitely be putting those to good use.

This is everything I bought so far (besides my textbooks and pens) to prepare myself for the hustle and bustle of the new semester. As I mentioned before, I’m going to be taking 15 hours so I’m hoping to still remain stylish while also filling my brain with knowledge.

As always, thank you for reading. Have a good night buddy!


Christmas Wishlist (Beauty)

Christmas Wishlist (Beauty)

There have been a few things I’ve had my eyes on for awhile, but have been waiting to get. From eyes, to lips, to skincare I’ve been slowly making a mental list of all the things that’s missing from my beauty inventory. I think Christmas would be the perfect time to treat myself to a few of these items, (and also put them out there for anyone who’s curious about what to get me for Christmas this year).


HUDA BEAUTY Obsession in Warm Brown

Image result for huda beauty obsession eyeshadow warm brown

First up, and of course it’s eyeshadow. But LOOK at this palette. It’s absolutely perfect. It has the warm tones everybody loves, with the soft transition shades, and the staple shimmer shade. It’s basically Instagram in 9 colors. I love it. I need it. Where has this little palette been all my life?

ABH Prism palette

Image result for abh prism palette

I need the pink shade matched with the aqua shade highlighted by that champagne shade on my eyelids Right. This. Second. The amount of looks in the array of styles you could create with this palette is honestly unbelievable. ABH is coming up with some incredible palette. First, it was Modern Renaissance (which I still need to get), then it was Subculture, and now this bad boy up top? High Five ABH, you may as well be stealing my wallet right out of my purse.

ABH Brow Wiz

Image result for ABH brow wiz

I may be late to the game, but I hear the ABH brow wiz is a game changer. I have been loving these pencil type eyebrow fillers. Now that I’ve heard so much about this one, I’m pretty much dying to get my hands on one to try it out for myself. I thought about putting the dip brow pomade in this wishlist, but realized that’s probably not the product for me. These little fellas would be just what I need.

Tarte Shape Tape concealer

Image result for tarte shape tape concealer

I know. All I’ve done is rave, rave, and rave some more about this product. I’ve been wanting it SO BAD. I am pretty much completely out of the Maybelline concealer I’ve been using, and I was about to buy another one before I was like “WAIT! Shape Tape!” I’ve heard Kathleen Lights talk about this concealer, and pretty much everyone else too. I just need to bite the bullet. I will get this concealer. I will own it. One day. Hopefully, that day comes soon.

Tarte Tartiest Double Take Eyeliner

Image result for tarte double take eyeliner

Tarte is like the official bada** of the makeup business. They just are always on top for me. I think I love ABH eyeshadow and Tarte for anything else. What draws me to this eyeliner is the two different tips. You could use the pen tip for your lash line and the felt tip for your wing. A must have. This is a necessity. And I love the gold on black packaging. It’s so chic.

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion

Image result for urban decay primer potion

Everyone and their mother has either used, bought, or heard of this eyeshadow primer. I love eyeshadow but I’m just skeptical of primers. I don’t know why. But I’m dying to see if this primer stands up to the hype. Only, I’m not dying enough to pay full price for it, you know what I mean? That’s why it’s here, on my wishlist. *wink wink*

Too Faced Limited edition Gingerbread Man Melted Matte Lipstick

Image result for too faced gingerbread man melted matte

Isn’t this lipstick the cutest lipstick you ever did see?!? I LOVE the packaging on this little guy. The red tone of the lipstick is the perfect shade for the holiday season. I’ve never used the Too Faced Melted lippies before, so I have no idea about their formulas or wear, but what better time to try new things than the present?

Glossier Super Pure serum

Image result for glossier super pure serum

Glossier has blown up. I don’t know what they did, but they’ve acquired a hype I’d be afraid to live up to. I’ve only heard amazing things from them, so I’m excited to invest in a few of their products. The one I’m most excited about is this Super Pure Serum. It’s advertised to reduce redness and target blemishes. Lately I’ve been investing in a lot of skin care items, but I haven’t found any that hide the redness of my face well enough to make me feel completely comfortable in public without concealer. I’m hoping this stuff will do the trick.

Glossier Cloud Paint Quad

Image result for cloud paint quad

I don’t know why Glossier decided to name their cream blushes “cloud paints”. However, whatever made them decide to do it, they made the right decision. When I first heard this name, I was thrown for a loop. It made me do some research on it and that made me watch videos on it, and now I want every single one. I don’t even know if I’ll like these colors on my skin tone, but is that going to stop me from spending my money. Of Course NOT!!

Glossier Boy Brow

Image result for glossier boy brow

And finally, we have the Glossier Boy Brow. This is probably one of their most famous products. It’s the first one I ever heard of. Again, the name threw me off and unlike the cloud paints, I wasn’t interested in this product. But lately, it’s been getting a lot of recognition. I have pretty bushy eyebrows, and this product has been said to be perfect for people like me. I think this, on a lazy day when I don’t feel like using the ABH brow wiz, would be a perfect substitute.

(I do not own any of these pictures on this post.)

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope y’all found some products you like in this post, and maybe even some gift ideas for your loved ones. See you again soon,

November Ipsy Unboxing (Plus mini faves)

November Ipsy Unboxing (Plus mini faves)

It’s that time of the month again to do an Ipsy unboxing. I also figured since this is the last Wednesday of the month, it would be appropriate to tie in some monthly favorites for y’all, since I have a completely different type of post planned for Friday. It’s a small little favorites mention, but I thought they were worthy enough to share.

Jumping right into it, the first thing I pull out of my Ipsy package is the horrendous bag above. Yellow and brown combine to make this asymmetrical makeup bag. I currently am living for yellows and browns right now, but I just don’t like this bag. I never do at first, and then I surprisingly always find myself using them. I think I’m actually going to end up selling a lot of these for a garage sale we’re having soon. So if you’ve ever seen one you like, stop by my garage sale and pick one up for yourself.

Next, I reached in to find this lip balm. As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE getting lip balms. The ones I’ve been getting from Ipsy have all turned out working really well. This one is supposed to taste like berries and wintered red algae. I don’t know what that is but it sure sounds festive. I’m excited to use this one day.

Here we have an It! Cosmetics CC+ cream. This CC cream claims to be hydrating, anti-aging, and protect from the sun. It has some pretty wild claims on the side, saying that people gave this product a good review. I think something like this would be much better for the summer time. I usually only wear BB creams anyways, so that may turn out well. I’ll keep this for the spring time since I really don’t think I’ll need its sun protecting serum or whatever until then.

Now I found this Naked Cosmetics single eyeshadow in the shade Mother Nature. It’s a really pretty purple-bluish, shimmery foil color. I’m stoked to try this out for some winter looks. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see. I’m thinking this paired with a green and iridescent shade would look absolutely stunning.

This tiny little guy is is just a lip color in a shade I’ll never use. It’s from this brand I’ve never heard of, and it’s in this light pink that just never suits me. This looks like a glossy coral or blush tone pink. Glosses usually don’t show up well on me because my lips tend to be so pigmented. I think I’ll give this away to someone else who would probably really enjoy it.

Lastly, at the very bottom lay this gem. Tarte, my favorite, surprised me again this month in my Ipsy bag. I got an amazonian clay blush but this one is a bit dark. A color like this would be great for a very subtle natural flush. At first I immediately thought this would be much too dark for my skin tone, now that I’m looking at it again, I think it would actually be very pretty. I think I’d have to first apply this with a light hand, but it would create a pretty sunkissed look.

I wanted to include the back of the compact for you guys so you know for sure what color this is. As you can see, I got mine in the shade “feisty”. I haven’t really been feeling like my feisty self lately (although others may disagree with me), so maybe this blush will help remind me of the bad mama-jama that I really am.

Now moving on to my favorites.

Here are the few products I wanted to share with you. I only have a few because most of the stuff I’ve been using this month are the same from last month, except these three. At the top left we have my Hazelnut Cream candle. I got this at walmart for extremely cheap and it smells so good. It also is the perfect size. I like it a lot and can probably reuse the jar for something once I burn what’s left of it. On the bottom right we have some lotion. I mentioned this lotion before because I got it from Ipsy as well. It’s an intensive care lotion so it’s supposed to be super hydrating. I wanted to mention this in my favorites because I’ve been using it to help my feet. Some of you may find this gross, but I’m one of those people who suffer from dry feet. It was always something I hated and never could find a cure. Lately however, I’ve been exfoliating in the shower and then immediately applying this lotion after on the heels and balls of my feet. I’ve notice a quick, as well as a surprisingly dramatic difference in the smoothness. No more cracked feet!! I’m obsessed.

Finally, we come to this perfume. My mom bought me this perfume a LONG time ago. Like…..years ago. I usually don’t wear perfume because I’m used to get the cheap kinds that only smell like anything for 5 seconds. Before recently, I always found this scent to be too mature for me. It smells sophisticated and gorgeous. I apply this in the mornings and get little whiffs of it throughout the day. I love this perfume a lot, and will be sad the day it runs out. It’s the Tommy Girl perfume, and since I got it so long ago, I’m not sure if it’s available anymore.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed this post. See you next time,