Fall Makeup Look: Golden Glitter

Fall Makeup Look: Golden Glitter

Good afternoon friends! I hope all of you have had a wonderful day, week, and year! It is coming to an end soon after all. NOVEMBER already???? Is October really over? I’ve checked the calendar 5 times and yes, Halloween was yesterday, and yes I’m distraught about it.

However, since we’re starting a new month, I figured I should change things up a bit. I burnt my pumpkin candle, so now I’m switching to my Hazelnut & Cream candle. I’ve used up all of my honey facial scrub, so I’ve switched to an unscented one I got from Ispy (surprise, surprise). Since all these changes are happening, I figure I should change up my color scheme too.

I don’t know if many of you do this, or if I’m the only weird one around, but along with changing out candles and products, I also include changing out colors. For the early part of Autumn, I really enjoyed red and yellow. Then, for October, I switched to oranges. Now that the leaves are officially dying, I’m going to be switching to browns and golds. I wanted to do a makeup look inspired by this change. It’s been awhile since I’ve done just one makeup look, so I made this sort of like a tutorial for those of you who may want to recreate this look at home.

The glitter eyeliner over black eyeliner trend has been surfacing for some time now. Lately, makeup enthusiasts everywhere have been getting more and more creative with how they wear their looks. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon because I love it so much, but wanted to make it wearable this fall season.

I love how the glitter shines subtly enough to be realistic, but dazzling enough to be glamorous. The neutral browns make it so your eye makeup isn’t too smokey, which I find makes this look sophisticated. Adding the pop of gold just brings your eyes to the top of the flattering pyramid. I’m going to go through this look step-by-step with you, showing what products I used, the order I went in, and some tips along the way.

(Gentle reminder that these steps are the ones I took to create the look that’s photographed. Feel free to add additional steps that fit you best and add your own unique beautiful touch.)


You could start off with a primer, or toner, or moisturizer, basically just whatever you prefer. You could start with all 3 if that what makes you feel best. I usually start with a face toner. Since it’s more of a personal choice, I’m going to start this off by showing y’all my concealer:

This is my Maybelline Fit Me concealer. As you can see, I use it A LOT. You saw this in my Drugstore Beauty Haul not too long ago. This wonderful creation has done so much for me. It does a fantastic job at evening out my skintone and hiding my blemishes. This was definitely a good buy. I buff this out with my Face Expert Real Techniques brush and set it with my It! Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores powder that I got from Ipsy.

Step 2:

Next, I’m sure to go in with my ColourPop Brow Boss eyebrow pen and spoolie duo. I got this from yet another Ipsy package (click on the image above to read that post). This pen makes doing my eyebrows so simple that it’s easy to throw into my morning routine. I love this little guy.

Step 3: Now here’s the fun part.

Now, we get into the eyeshadow. For the actual shades, I wanted to be sure I stuck to the neutral browns, since that is the color palette I’m going for this November. I decided to put my ABH palette back in it’s adorable box and whip out my other Autumn palette: Kat Von D Shade and Light.

(Please excuse all the loose eyeshadow littering this palette)

As you may know, this Shade and Light palette comes with 3 quads. There’s this brown toned one on the left. The black and white quad in the middle. Last, there’s the red and orange group on the right. For this look, I utilized this brown quad.

I used the top light shade as a transition, so I applied it all over my lid. Then, using an angled blending brush, I went in with the light brown shade on the far left to darken up my crease and outer corners. To deepen the look, I used the middle darkest brown mostly in my outer corners with a fluffy brush in circular motions. This created a really subtle smokey look. You could also use the lightest shade in your inner corners and brow bone, but I decided to leave it out. If you’re someone that likes a natural look, a quad like this is perfect for you.

Step 4: Now the hard part.

This is a double liner look, but I really used three eyeliners. I used the gel eyeliner for my waterline, which I’ve really been loving to do lately. This just pulls everything together for me. It adds a little something special to the look itself. Then, to do the duo of glitter and regular black liner, there’s a couple different ways you could about it.

You could start with the golden glitter eyeliner, overdrawing it. Then, go in with the black eyeliner a little thinner, like you usually would. This way you could make sure you don’t get any glitter on the black eyeliner, but you have to wait for the glitter eyeliner to dry.

The second way is to draw your black winged eyeliner like usual, and then try to go on top with the glitter eyeliner. I think this is the process most people try to take when creating looks like this, and it’s honestly harder for me. I definitely prefer drawing the glitter liner first, then going back in with black. However, it depends on what kind of eyeliner you’re using.

I used The Color Workshop eyeliners with a brush tip. The brush makes it easy to get that sharp wing and to get as close to your lash line as you can get. It takes a little while to dry, but once it is complete, the black goes on top of the gold beautifully.

Step 5:

Top off your look with your favorite mascara, lip color, and setting spray. The mascara I used was the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes tester I received from (can you guess it?) Ipsy. I used my Stila matte beautiful liquid lipstick, and my revlon setting spray. I hope you all enjoyed this look, and that you’re as inspired by the season as I am.

Thank you for reading. Until next time,

October Monthly Favorites

October Monthly Favorites

This month has probably been one of my favorite months out of the entire year of 2017. Many things have happened, and new things are on the rise. Since I’ve been enjoying the world around me so much lately, I thought I should share the things I’ve been using, watching, wearing, and doing with you. Monthly favorites is a series I want to start doing on my blog, so definitely let me know if you enjoy this post.



Lately, I’ve noticed that I run for the same pair of jeans every opportunity I get. These jeans are from Forever 21. They are high-waisted, light weight, and have a little bit of distressing down the pant. You’ve seen these before in my Fall Haul (P. 2). Click on the picture below to read that post.

I believe these are definitely a must-have, especially with the winter season approaching because you get the luxury of pants, but also the comfortable aspect of loose fitting sweatpants. Since they are high-waisted, these jeans are easy to style with sweaters and flannels.


My next October favorite has got to be this purse my mom gave me. I absolutely love the color scheme for the whole month. It fits everything I need: my wallet, makeup bag, keys, my phone, including some extras like gum and receipts I don’t need. I usually go for neutral tone purses so they will match any outfit I happen to be wearing. What I love about this purse is the subtle purple detail. Enough to scream “FALL!!!”, minimal to go with everything.


Last but not least, my running shoes have had me comfy all day, nearly everyday. I got these from Walmart. I’ve been going to the gym lately and decided I needed some new workout shoes. I figured I’d pick up a cheap pair, since I’m not actually running outside or anything. Again, I usually go for neutrals with my shoes. Finding these black and white ones was perfect for me. They’re easy for me to match with any outfit, which has me wearing these to class almost every morning. I like this because it means I’m always somewhat gym-ready, and that motivates me to actually go to the gym. They also have memory foam on the bottom. They’re comfy for me to wear for long periods of time, so I like to slip these on for my day at work.


Nail polish:

You’ve seen this nail polish a few times before, and here it is again. I really do like this nail polish. I can say that it is pretty chip resistant. Also, my nails are usually quite brittle and break easily at the length they are now, but so far I haven’t experienced any hang nails. I’m still unsure about the actual restoration or protection of this nail polish, but I love it nonetheless. I thought I’d mention it again because it has become such a staple for me.

Hair Care:

Remember in my Fall Beauty Essentials post I told you that I pick a scent and stick with it. Yeah, I really wasn’t playing around. I have honey lotion, honey lip balm, honey face scrub, and now I show you honey conditioner (I also have the shampoo as well). I love this stuff to no end. It has done so much for me. My hair is incredibly softer since I started using this conditioner. It’s been easier to brush my hair, style my wavy locks, and my hair is noticeably healthier. I’m so glad I found this conditioner.

Makeup (eyeliner):

Last for my beauty favorite this month is this Steve Laurant eyeliner pen. I love this. You saw this in my Double Ipsy Unboxing post. I’m telling y’all, Ipsy stays sending out great stuff. I was unsure about Ipsy when I first started it, but I’m so glad I stayed loyal. This pen is perfect for everyday looks. It’s completely matte black, which I love. I had some trouble with it at first, but ever since I got it down, it’s been winged eyeliner ever since.



This candle, as you can see, has been burning day after day after day. It’s called Purely Pumpkin, and the name is true. It’s almost gone, which is fitting since October is almost over. I got this candle from Hobby Lobby. I love the orange frosted glass, the shape of it, and the smell. Ugh, it’s so sweet. Once this candle is completely burned, I’m excited to think all the different stuff I could use it for. Who doesn’t need empty glass jars lying around? I’m thinking I could probably store some beauty products in here, or make my own body scrub to keep, or something else artsy. I love the little jar so much; I’ll figure something out.


Fairy Tail

Image result for fairy tail anime

Many of you may not know this, but I love anime. I have been watching Fairy Tail pretty much every evening. I’m currently watching the finale as I write this post this every second. It’s nearing the last episode of the first season and I’m filled with sorrow. I guess I’ll have to move to a different anime once I finish this 48 episode season.

Mini Review:

Characters: The main characters of the first season are illustrated above. On the right: Erza, the baddest b***h in town. She’s definitely a great feminist icon because she’s super strong, serious, sexy, and one of the best fighters all around. The flying cat is Happy. He’s my favorite. He’s definitely sassy, just like me. Then, there’s Natsu. If you’re ever in need of inspiration speech, just watch an episode of Fairy Tail. He’s the type of person that gets everyone motivated. I hope I can inspire people as much as he does. He simply never ever gives up. Next, the blonde is Lucy. She’s pretty cool. She’s nice, but she cries a lot. She’s like the little sister of the entire group. Last is Grey. Gray? Grey? I don’t know how to spell it. He’s kind of rude, but he cares about people too. Him and Natsu don’t get along. Fire and Ice, right? But they’re like brothers, so that makes it hilarious.

Story line: The story line is awesome because the show takes turns highlighting the different characters. You get to learn everyone’s back stories, which for some reason is extremely important to me. I have to know where a character came from and what they’re all about before I can care about them. Obviously I love the story. I’ve watched this so fast.


For the past month I’ve been drinking smoothies. Smoothie in the morning, smoothie in the evening. Strawberries, bananas, blueberries, yogurt, orange juice, and that’s pretty much it. I don’t add any sugars. And since when do I like orange juice? I don’t. But I can’t even taste it in a smoothie. This means I’m getting all the nutrients from foods I don’t usually consume much faster.

Having a smoothie honestly makes me feel so much better about myself. I always think “Drink your fruit, eat your veggies” because I usually have a smoothie with a salad. I wish I would’ve gotten some pumpkin puree and figured an interesting way to mix it in this October. I guess I still could. But it’s not really the same, you know?

I hope you liked my October Favorites. I’m thinking doing Monthly Favorites is a good way to recap on the things I’ve been enjoying. Thank you for reading. See you Wednesday.

Bullet Journal: October Flip Through

Bullet Journal: October Flip Through

For those of you who haven’t discovered the world of bullet journaling, I am more than happy to introduce you. Bullet journaling is for those who like to create their own rules, draw their own lines if you will (literally). Basically, the process of bullet journaling is to pick a notebook, get creative/ productive, and stick to it.

To start off, let me explain what bullet journaling is, along with what it consists of. The concept of creating your own bullet journal is that it is completely customizable to your needs. Do you ever find yourself with a new planner you’re excited to use, but then after two weeks you completely forget about it? And since you forgot about your planner, you forgot about all your deadlines, due dates, and events? Yeah, that was me. Before starting bullet journaling, I was a mess. Keeping up with important things was alright. It was the little stuff, little tasks or personal errands that I just couldn’t keep track of. With college starting back up, I knew I needed a way to remember all of my assignments. I also knew that regular planners simply never work for me.

I found bullet journaling on Youtube, as where you find most of the best things in life. I really liked the concept of creating a little book unique to you, your life, and the things you care about. I thought bullet journaling would give me a chance to really stay on top of all the things that needed to get done, while also staying creative. Being creative daily is really important to my well-being, even more so than I realized. So far, bullet journaling has overall been quite a success. Since it’s been doing so much to improve my life, I’d thought sharing it with you would be a fun way to get us all in the productive mood. I don’t know what it is about notebooks, pens, and stickers that make me feel like I’m really getting my life together, but I’m here for it.

(Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for the pictures. I meant to take them earlier but got stuck doing homework)

For our first time talking about bullet journaling, I wanted to show y’all my October spread. I really enjoyed the colors of this month, and looking at such a fall oriented theme everyday kept me festive. It was a fun way to embrace the season.

Now, I haven’t drawn in a really long time, so my doodles are a little rough. I got some stickers to help me fill the space. I used a gel pen, which ended up smearing a LOT more than I was hoping (learned that mistake). I also found this old coloring book that had a lot of leaves that fit the fall theme perfectly. I cut them out and pasted them in so I could color them whenever I felt like it.

Many times when people start their first bullet journal, as we watch the videos on Youtube, it is easy to get discouraged by the perfectionists. Many people have such great calligraphy and drawings, which is great for them! However, when you start trying to copy someone else, you find it doesn’t turn out how you like it because it isn’t yours. The beauty of this technique is to make it completely yours. Having fun is supposed to be a part of the process.

Here is my calendar spread. I really love how this turned out. Peep the tiny ghost on the bottom. I added the leaf stickers for an extra touch. I don’t have much on this calendar except for school assignments. I added the little “goals” section where the month ended, and my only goal this month was to save $250, which thankfully I was able to do!! Yay me.

The cool thing about bullet journaling to me is that you can create these unique trackers. For my first month trying this out, I decided to keep a mood tracker and an expense tracker. In order to track my moods, I was inspired to do this spread from a Youtuber I watched. I drew leaves all over the page, marked each one with 1-31 (days of this month) and designed a legend on the bottom to indicate what I was feeling that day. I usually don’t fill them out as the day ends because my moods change so much, that by the end of the night I could be feeling completely different. What’s been happening is I end up not filling this mood tracker out for about a week, and I have to think back to my overall moods. I kind of like this method because it makes me realize that I’m happier than I give myself credit for. Even if I consider a day bad at the time, about a week later I find a reason why that day was pretty awesome.

Beside that I have my expense tracker. Anyone that knows me understands that money is important to me (just like everyone else). Every time I read an article about saving money, they always advise writing down what you are consuming. I wanted to really put this theory to the test. Here I circled every time I bought food, which made me realize how I’m wasting money on fast food. I think I have more to fill out on this tracker as well, but after seeing this list I actually cut back on spending a ton. Every time I go to buy something I now think, “if i buy this, I have to write in my journal”. Shame overcomes me. I decide I don’t need it. It works. I recommend it.

Up above we have the weekly spread I created. This is where bullet journaling became tricky. Weekly spreads are things that every person struggles with. It takes a little time to figure out what works best for you. This spread seemed great at first. I thought I had enough space. I even had some extra room to draw a little quote and picture. But it turns out I really didn’t like this too much. I’m still trying to figure out how I want November to look. Brainstorming is in the works.

Lastly, I put the last few days on the right side (YAYYY HALLOWEEN) and then on the right, I put a page dedicated to October memories where I’m gonna print out pictures to have in here. I have it empty because there’s still new memories to be made. I like having this in here because this is where I document all the work related/ school related/ and even social related things in my life. All the important stuff goes in this bullet journal, so it will be nice to go back and flip through old memories. If you decide to start a bullet journal, or you already have one, I definitely recommend adding a page like this in yours.

Bullet journaling is a great way to keep everything in line. If you’re scattered brained, you can make your own book how you like it, instead of trying to work around the straight lines someone else finds organized. You can literally make it look like however you like. My only warning is that it can be time consuming. It takes a while to draw out everything in advance. However, dedicating so much time for it makes you want to actually use it. Making a spread for a month only takes about one afternoon. If you are a creative person, it’s a fun way to get that artistic vibe going while still getting your life organized. It’s a guilt free pleasure even.

Thank you for reading. Maybe with enough bullet journaling, we can all get our stuff done. Share this with your friends and try it out for yourself.